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-<strong>15 March 2007:</strong>
-SCons has been accepted as a participating organization for
-the Google
-<a href="">Summer of Code</a> 2007.
-Summer of Code is a program where Google pays student developers
-a stipend to work on writing code for open source projects.
-Applications are now being accepted
-from students who are interested in working on SCons.
-Learn more at our
-<a href="">announcement page</a>.
+<strong>17 May 2007:</strong>
+Release candidate 0.97 is now available at the
+<a href="">download page</a>.
-<strong>15 February 2007:</strong>
-Release candidate 0.96.95 is now available at the
-<a href="">download page</a>.
+<strong>12 April 2007:</strong>
+SCons awarded two
+<a href="">Summer of Code</a> 2007 projects.
+Congratulations to MAciej Pasternacki and Thomas Fischer,
+who will work on (respectively)
+configuration features modeled after GNU Automake,
+and distributed compilation across grid networks.