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Author Commit Message Date Builds
William Deegan
added more release years. Dummy checkin to test buildbot trigger
Gary Oberbrunner
Update ReleaseConfig for 2.2.0
Greg Noel
This changeset increments the trunk to the next minor level, 2.1.0, and updates the dates and other information in the files to have the right base values. With this changeset, 2.0.0 is history and a new era has begun. It's time to celebrate; anybody want a beer?
Greg Noel
Initial drop of bin/update-release-info.py. This program automates the process of inserting the release configuration information that is currently done by hand. The configuration data now all lives in a file, 'ReleaseConfig'. Change the configuration file, run the program, and, hey presto, the files are updated. More work needs to be done; the documentation doesn't quite match with the program and the regression tests only cover the rel…