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SCons / src / engine / SCons / exitfuncs.py

Author Commit Message Date Builds
anatoly techtonik
Cleanup replacement of sys.exitfunc with atexit (Python 2+)
Greg Noel
Move 2.0 changes collected in branches/pending back to trunk for further development. Note that this set of changes is NOT backward-compatible; the trunk no longer works with Python 1.5.2, 2.0, or 2.1.
Steven Knight
Add emacs and vim editing settings to the bottom of *.py files.
Steven Knight
Put the Copyright years in by script, not by hand.
Steven Knight
Update Copyright years.
Steven Knight
Update Copyright lines for the new year.
Steven Knight
Updating licensing.
Steven Knight
Add automatic substitution on filename lines.
Steven Knight
Run setup.py on the unpacked .tar.gz for testing.