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Steven Knight
Convert old-style classes in bench/* scripts to new-style classes.
Greg Noel Apply the refactorings from the 'dict' fixer, less occurrences that were manually audited to be safe. Also pick up changes in bin/sfsum, a Python file that was not being scanned before.
Greg Noel Apply the first part of the 'raise' fixer (the three-argument cases are not converted and will need to wait until native support of with_traceback() is available).
Greg Noel Applied a number of idiomatic changes. Uses of the 'sort()' method were converted into calls of 'sorted()' when possible and the sorted() expression was inserted into a subsequent statement whenever that made sense. The statement 'while 1:' was changed to 'while True:'. Names from the 'types' module (e.g., 'types.FooType') were converted to the equivalent build-in type (e.g., 'foo'). Compariso…
Greg Noel
Move 2.0 changes collected in branches/pending back to trunk for further development. Note that this set of changes is NOT backward-compatible; the trunk no longer works with Python 1.5.2, 2.0, or 2.1.
Steven Knight
Add emacs and vim editing settings to the bottom of *.py files.
Steven Knight
Merged revisions 2647-2719 via svnmerge from ........ r2649 | stevenknight | 2008-02-08 06:43:30 -0800 (Fri, 08 Feb 2008) | 3 lines Make the "bootstrap" copy directory relative to the script location regardless of where the user is when executing. ........ r2650 | stevenknight | 2008-02-09 09:26:40 -0800 (Sat, 09 Feb 2008) | 3 lines Chdir back to the original directory before removing our temporary directory, to avoid "Permissi…