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anatoly techtonik Enable -o, --output to save stdout/stderr into a file
anatoly techtonik Fix CRLF
anatoly techtonik Replace `-o file --xml` with `--xml file` ` -o file ...` never worked right throwing exception: Traceback (most recent call last): File "...\", line 925, in <module> tests[0].header(f) IndexError: list index out of range Leaving -o argument to gather all output into a file (work in process) also allows to capture output and format test results in parallel.
anatoly techtonik Exit with an error if no tests were found
anatoly techtonik remove --noqmtest option
anatoly techtonik
Merge fixes
anatoly techtonik Turn on unbuffered output ASAP.
anatoly techtonik Gradually moving from getopt to optparse
Gary Oberbrunner
Add -jN support to to run tests in parallel
anatoly techtonik
Remove subprocess compatibility code used for Python < 2.4
anatoly techtonik
os.spawnv is here since Python 1.6, removing compatibility code
- several smaller fixes to get all tests running under Buildbot again
- removed Aegis support
- fixed directory/file fixtures for "general" mode - added documentation for the testing framework - converted two old tests from the "packaging" section to using fixtures as reference examples
- renamed the '-j' option to '-k', such that we can use the former for parallel processing later on - changed list(map()) to list comprehensions - removed try/except block around os.environ.get() for SCONS_EXTERNAL_TEST - fixed a potential deadlock for subprocess.Popen by using temporary files - added the '--nopipefiles' option to switch off this temp file fix (not recommended though)
- fixed usage of subprocess module in - fixed tests in test/runtest (needed -j option for suppressing the count/percent messages)
- basic merge with source from the external scons-test-framework
Gary Oberbrunner added doc for useful env vars.
William Deegan
allow -f file to have list of files with whitespace before or after filenames
anatoly techtonik
remove Python 1.5.2 compatibility code from
Steven Knight
Windows portability fixes in various tests. Fix detection of non-zero exit status on systems that don't have os.WEXITSTATUS().
Steven Knight
Convert old-style classes in miscellaneous files to new-stylre classes: src/, and doc/man/scons.1.
Greg Noel Comb out all code that supported earlier versions of Python. Most such code is in snippets of only a few lines and can be identified by having a Python version string in it. Such snippets add up; this combing pass probably got rid of over 500 lines of code.
Greg Noel Pass the python executable from the -P option to runtest to Create the escaped executable name in as well. Pass those two values into derived test modules. Fix cascade problems in test scripts due to incorrect assumptions about the name of the executable.
Greg Noel One-line changes: Wrap pickle.dump with staticmethod(). Keep softspace in Unbuffered wrapper class for backward compatibility with 3.x. Use ModuleType as a factory function rather than a base class. Derive exception class from something derived from BaseException (required for 3.x).
Greg Noel
Index: test/Variables/ =================================================================== --- test/Variables/ (revision 4792) +++ test/Variables/ (working copy) @@ -28,23 +28,15 @@ Test the Variables help messages. """ -import os.path +import os -try: - True, False -except NameError: - exec('True = (0 == 0)') - exec('False = (0 != 0)') +import TestSCons str_True = str(True) str_False = str(False) -import TestSCons - test = TestSCons.TestSCons() - - workpath = test.workpath() qtpath = os.path.join(workpath, 'qt') libpath = os.path.join(qtpath, 'lib') Index: test/Variables/ ==…
Steven Knight
Add a -3 option to print Python 3.x incompatibility warnings during tests.
Steven Knight
Replace remaining os.path.walk() calls with os.walk().
Greg Noel Applied a number of idiomatic changes. Uses of the 'sort()' method were converted into calls of 'sorted()' when possible and the sorted() expression was inserted into a subsequent statement whenever that made sense. The statement 'while 1:' was changed to 'while True:'. Names from the 'types' module (e.g., 'types.FooType') were converted to the equivalent build-in type (e.g., 'foo'). Compariso…
Greg Noel
Move 2.0 changes collected in branches/pending back to trunk for further development. Note that this set of changes is NOT backward-compatible; the trunk no longer works with Python 1.5.2, 2.0, or 2.1.
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