#62 Merged
dirkbaechle dirkbaechle
scons scons

Fixes for MinGW under Windows (#2872)

  1. dirkbaechle avatardirkbaechle

Some test patches for MinGW, skipping the MSVS parts when no VisualStudio installation can be found.

Comments (3)

  1. anatoly techtonik

    There are not only MSVC and MinGW out there. Can we transform the check from

    import SCons.Tool.MSCommon as msc
    if not msc.msvc_exists():


    import SCons.Tool.C
    if C.type = 'MSVC':

    So that it is also possible to do:

    print C.types    - list supported C compilers
    ['MSVC', 'MinGW']
    print C.status   - detect installed C compilers
    'MSCV': True
    'MinGW': False
    C.choose('MinGW')  - explicitly select the option

    Ehh.. Should we move to ML?

  2. dirkbaechle author

    This is basically what the IAPAT (PlatformToolConfig in the Wiki) aims at, right? I think that for now, the currently supported two "types" of C/C++ toolchains (msvc vs. mingw) are all we need. I'd really like to get the test runs green first, and then continue with development of the larger features.

    There definitely has to follow some more discussion about how we define the behaviour and general scope of a Tool (especially when a single Tool like latex.py supports several different toolchains, for miktex, texlive a.s.o.). This could be done either on the Wiki page or the ML. Have a pick... ;)

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