Support Visual Studio 2013

#104 Merged at 12096df
  1. Sye van der Veen

This patch updates msvs/msvc settings for all Express (for Desktop) versions of Visual Studio from 2008-2013. I've verified these settings on my Win7 box against my nohtyP project build. (Unfortunately I do not have the commercial versions of these tools, nor do I have any older versions of MSVS.)

I'm also including a few fixes to the test system that prevented me from running the tests.

Comments (6)

  1. William Deegan

    I'm not sure about all the changes to prior versions of VC/VS. They had already been verified against installs at the time those changes were made. Is it wise to change them?

  2. Sye van der Veen author

    I've confirmed that default_dirname was flat-out incorrect for Express versions from 2008 onwards. I decided to remove it instead of fixing it as I could find nowhere inside of SCons that uses it. But because I couldn't confirm it was incorrect on earlier versions, I decided to keep it, on the thinking that perhaps there are builds out there that reference it directly.

    With sdk_version, I again verified on Express 2008+. The new versions are, with one exception, all greater than they were previously, so I would expect these new values are "better". The "one exception" is both versions of 2008, which drop from 6.1 to 6.0A; this is correct as-per Wikipedia, and I've verified it works on Express.

  3. Gary Oberbrunner

    I'll merge this and ask for testing from the community. I have VS2010 and can confirm that 7.0A is a better SDK version for that than 6.1, which I don't have -- so that makes me more confident.