Visual Studio 11 support

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msvc11 (7bdcef4ea89a)
  1. Alexey Petruchik

Initial support of Visual Studio 11. Looking forward for your response. First iteration, so feel free to point on anything that should be fixed for this pull request to be accepted.

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  1. Gary Oberbrunner

    Hi Alexey -- got VS11 beta here, and pulled your changes into my repo. I see a few failures in test/MSVC/*; I think they are all due to the new linker error LNK2011, which says the precompiled header object must be linked into the final program.

    I "fixed" it in a couple of the tests by manually linking in the generated StdAfx.obj, but I think we need to make SCons do it automatically using the PCH construction var -- shouldn't be all that difficult I think. I can help with it if you like.

    Do those tests fail for you? Maybe it's just me?

    We could also consider omitting the automatic /Yd flag if the MSVC version is 11 or greater, since that flag now gives a deprecation warning.