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#80 Merged at 5702683
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default (90bcf691e5d6)

Allow Literal objects to be compared among each others.

  1. Manuel Naranjo

This is a nice feature to have that allows AppendUnique and Remove to work accordly for Literal.

Comments (2)

  1. Manuel Naranjo author

    Gary cool thanks, sure I can write a test, it was a very straight forward change that's why I didn't wrote one, I have been using this in our build system for a few months now. And I was going through documentation stage of our insite SCons tool and thought it could be interesting to other. I will write the unit test and send back, I verified none of the other tests got broken, but agree we need a test.

    Also I have to ask my superiors on which parts we can contribute back, our tool handles things like configuring arm-none-eabi-gcc for ARM targets, some automated C/C++ unit tests and some bug fixes for qt tool. Would love to contribute back, that way I would not only get feedback from people with more knoweledge on SCons internals, but also if lucky get help maintaing :D.