SCons / bin /


if [ $# -lt 2 ]; then
	exit 1

VERSION=$1; shift
SF_USER=$1; shift

RSYNCOPTS='-v -e ssh'

# the build products are here:
cd build/dist
cp -f ../../src/CHANGES.txt ../../src/RELEASE.txt ../../src/Announce.txt .

set -x

# Upload main scons release files:
  scons-$VERSION-1.noarch.rpm \
  scons-$VERSION-1.src.rpm \
  scons-$VERSION-setup.exe \
  scons-$VERSION.tar.gz \
  scons-$ \
  Announce.txt CHANGES.txt RELEASE.txt \

# Local packages:
  scons-local-$VERSION.tar.gz \
  scons-local-$ \
  Announce.txt CHANGES.txt RELEASE.txt \

# Source packages:
  scons-src-$VERSION.tar.gz \
  scons-src-$ \
  Announce.txt CHANGES.txt RELEASE.txt \

# stuff:
# Doc: copy the doc tgz over; we'll unpack later
  scons-doc-$VERSION.tar.gz \$VERSION/
# Copy the changelog
  CHANGES.txt \
# Note that Announce.txt gets copied over to RELEASE.txt.
# This should be fixed at some point.
  Announce.txt \
# Unpack the doc and repoint doc symlinks:
ssh "
  cd public_html/production/doc
  tar xvf scons-doc-$VERSION.tar.gz
  cd ..
  rm latest; ln -s $VERSION latest
  rm production; ln -s $VERSION production
  for f in HTML PDF PS TEXT; do rm $f; ln -s $VERSION/$f $f; done
echo '*****'
echo '***** Now manually update index.php, includes/versions.php and news-raw.xhtml on'
echo '*****'
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