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This file is processed by the bin/ module.
See its __doc__ string for a discussion of the format.

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<sconsdoc xmlns=""
          xsi:schemaLocation=" scons.xsd">

<tool name="zip">
Sets construction variables for the &zip; archiver.

<builder name="Zip">
Builds a zip archive of the specified files
and/or directories.
Unlike most builder methods,
builder method may be called multiple times
for a given target;
each additional call
adds to the list of entries
that will be built into the archive.
Any source directories will
be scanned for changes to
any on-disk files,
regardless of whether or not
knows about them from other Builder or function calls.

env.Zip('', 'src')

# Create the file.
env.Zip('stuff', ['subdir1', 'subdir2'])
# Also add "another" to the stuff.tar file.
env.Zip('stuff', 'another')

<cvar name="ZIP">
The zip compression and file packaging utility.

<cvar name="ZIPCOM">
The command line used to call the zip utility,
or the internal Python function used to create a
zip archive.

<cvar name="ZIPCOMSTR">
The string displayed when archiving files
using the zip utility.
If this is not set, then &cv-link-ZIPCOM;
(the command line or internal Python function) is displayed.

env = Environment(ZIPCOMSTR = "Zipping $TARGET")

<cvar name="ZIPCOMPRESSION">
from the Python
module used by the internal Python function
to control whether the zip archive
is compressed or not.
The default value is
which creates a compressed zip archive.
This value has no effect if the
module is unavailable.

<cvar name="ZIPFLAGS">
General options passed to the zip utility.

<cvar name="ZIPSUFFIX">
The suffix used for zip file names.

<cvar name="ZIPROOT">
An optional zip root directory (default empty).  The filenames stored
in the zip file will be relative to this directory, if given.
Otherwise the filenames are relative to the current directory of the
For instance:
env = Environment()
env.Zip('', 'subdir1/subdir2/file1', ZIPROOT='subdir1')
will produce a zip file <literal></literal>
containing a file with the name
<literal>subdir2/file1</literal> rather than