SCons / doc / user / main.sgml


  Copyright 2001 Steven Knight


<!doctype book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.1//EN"

    <!ENTITY % version SYSTEM "../version.sgml">

    <!ENTITY % scons SYSTEM "../scons.mod">

    <!ENTITY preface SYSTEM "preface.sgml">
    <!ENTITY simple SYSTEM "simple.sgml">
    <!ENTITY environments SYSTEM "environments.sgml">
    <!ENTITY depends SYSTEM "depends.sgml">
    <!ENTITY more SYSTEM "more.sgml">
    <!ENTITY hierarchy SYSTEM "hierarchy.sgml">
    <!ENTITY variants SYSTEM "variants.sgml">
    <!ENTITY builders SYSTEM "builders.sgml">
    <!ENTITY scanners SYSTEM "scanners.sgml">
    <!ENTITY repositories SYSTEM "repositories.sgml">
    <!ENTITY caching SYSTEM "caching.sgml">
    <!ENTITY run SYSTEM "run.sgml">
    <!ENTITY troubleshoot SYSTEM "troubleshoot.sgml">
    <!ENTITY reference SYSTEM "reference.sgml">
    <!ENTITY errors SYSTEM "errors.sgml">
    <!ENTITY example SYSTEM "example.sgml">
    <!ENTITY make SYSTEM "make.sgml">
    <!ENTITY cons SYSTEM "cons.sgml">


    <title>SCons User Guide &build_version;</title>


    <edition>Revision &build_revision; (&build_date;)</edition>


      <holder>Steven Knight</holder>


    <releaseinfo>version &build_version;</releaseinfo>


  <chapter id="chap-preface">

  <chapter id="chap-simple">
    <title>Simple Builds</title>

  <chapter id="chap-environments">
    <title>Construction Environments</title>

  <chapter id="chap-depends">

  <chapter id="chap-more">
    <title>More Things to Do With Builds</title>

  <chapter id="chap-hierarchical">
    <title>Hierarchial Builds</title>

  <chapter id="chap-variant">
    <title>Variant Builds</title>

  <chapter id="chap-builders">
    <title>Writing Builders</title>

  <chapter id="chap-scanners">
    <title>Writing Scanners</title>

  <chapter id="chap-repositories">
    <title>Building From Code Repositories</title>

  <chapter id="chap-caching">
    <title>Caching Built Files</title>

  <chapter id="chap-run">
    <title>How to Run &SCons;</title>

  <chapter id="chap-troubleshooting">

  <appendix id="app-quick">
    <title>Quick Reference</title>

  <appendix id="app-errors">
    <title>Errors Generated by &SCons;</title>

  <appendix id="app-example">
    <title>Complex &SCons; Example</title>

  <appendix id="app-make">
    <title>Converting From Make</title>

  <appendix id="app-cons">
    <title>Converting From Cons</title>

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