SCons / src / engine / SCons / Tool / docbook / docbook-xsl-1.76.1 / manpages / ChangeLog.20020917

Note: This changelog is a record of descriptions of all changes
made to the DocBook XSL manpages stylesheets during the time when
they were maintained in their original home in the
[cvs]/docbook/contrib/xsl/db2man area of the DocBook Project
source-code repository at Sourceforge; that is, from October 2001
(when they were contributed to the project by Martijn van Beers)
until September 2002 (when they were moved to the
[cvs]/docbook/xsl/manpages area and became a standard part of all
subsequent DocBook XSL Stylesheets releases).

2002-09-17  Norman Walsh <>

	* README, db2man.xsl, lists.xsl, sect23.xsl, synop.xsl, xref.xsl: 
	Moved to docbook/xsl/manpages

	* db2man.xsl, synop.xsl: Patch from Joe Orton

2002-06-16  <>

	* db2man.xsl: commit patch sent by Joe Orton:
	  This patch adds support for using the productname, date and title out of
	  a <referenceinfo> if one is present, rather than having to add each of
	  these individually for every refentry.

	* db2man.xsl: Tim Waugh sent:
	  This patch normalizes space in each refname before displaying it in
	  the name section.

2002-05-21  <>

	* xref.xsl: from Joe Orton:
	this patch allows cross-referencing to a specific refname.  I
	need this since I'm documenting several different (but related)
	functions per refentry, and want to cross-reference them individually,
	rather than just by the title used for the refentry as a whole.

2002-05-17  <>

	* lists.xsl: apply glosslist support patch from twaugh

2002-05-15  <>

	* db2man.xsl: slightly sanitize the filenames we generate. again from twaugh

	* db2man.xsl: Apply twaugh's fix for making the entity transform stuff work

2002-05-14  <>

	* db2man.xsl: generalize the tip template for all admonitions

	* db2man.xsl: Apply Joe Orton's <tip> patch, modified to be indented. Also show "Tip"
	in the title.
	so if <tip><title>foo</title></tip>, you get
	      Tip: foo

	* synop.xsl: rewrote funcprototype. It used to convert all its children to a single
	string and the split it up again through recursion. Now has a nice
	foreach loop for the paramdefs, which seems much cleaner than throwing
	everything in a big string before processing it.

2002-05-10  <>

	* db2man.xsl: add support for simpara

	* db2man.xsl, lists.xsl: fix refsect2 titles

	* synop.xsl: also from twaugh:
	I found some input that goes wrong with the synop.xsl we have in CVS:
	<group choice="opt">
	  <arg>-o <replaceable>FILE</replaceable></arg>
	It gets rendered as (with *bold* and _italic_):
	[*-o FILE* | *--output=FILE*]
	The desired markup should look like:
	The following macro does the trick:
	[\fB-o \fIFILE\fR\fR | \fB--output=\fIFILE\fR\fR]
	The trouble is that the named template 'bold' uses value-of, and so
	strips <replaceable> of its significance.
	Another thing I found is that the arg/replaceable template is
	superfluous altogether: db2man.xsl has a 'replaceable' template which
	does the same thing.
	Here is a patch to make those two modifications.
	NOTE TO SELF: must try to fix bold template so we can use it everywhere

2002-05-09  <>

	* db2man.xsl: oops, removed too much

	* db2man.xsl: remove stuff that's apparently left-over from sect23.xsl

	* db2man.xsl, lists.xsl, synop.xsl: batch of patches from twaugh:
	* This patch (based on one from Jirka Kosek) adds support for
	  block-level elements inside <para>s---<screen>s for example, or lists.
	* This patch replaces entities (like '&#x8212;') with sensible
	  characters or groups of characters.
	* This patch adds support for sbr.
	* This patch normalizes spaces in varlistentry terms.
	* This patch normalizes spaces in terminal varlistentry terms.
	* This patch allows variable lists to be nested (once).
	* This patch prevents variable list item paragraphs from merging into
	  one another.
	* This patch improves the rendering of itemized lists, and adds support
	  for ordered lists and procedures.
	* This patch makes some small adjustments to group/arg: don't put extra
	  spaces in where they aren't needed, and normalize the space of $arg.
	* This patch makes adjustments to cmdsynopsis elements.  In particular,
	  they can now be wrapped if no <sbr/> is provided.
	* This patch adds funcsynopsis//* support.  Again, wrapping is done

	* synop.xsl: make synopsises work for --arg=foo <arg>s too

	* synop.xsl: remove unneccesary adding of whitespace for arg/replaceable

2002-05-01  <>

	* db2man.xsl: This patch adds support for multiple refnames.
	(another twaugh patch)

	* db2man.xsl: modified ulink patch from twaugh. Be nice to content-less ulinks. But we
	don't accomodate silly people who don't understand ulink and put the
	url as the content too.

	* db2man.xsl, synop.xsl: db2man.xsl:
	  * temporarily add some params that chunker.xsl needs
	  * fix bold/italic templates
	  * update calls to bold/italic templates for new syntax
	  * add support for synopfragment
	  * update calls to bold/italic templates for new syntax

2002-04-30  <>

	* db2man.xsl: Add twaug's patch for xref support

	* db2man.xsl: This patch adds support for:
	- Multiple authors.
	- A (single) man page editor.
	(another patch from twaugh)

	* db2man.xsl: more twaugh patches:
	- Use refentrytitle, not refname[1], for title.
	- Upper-case it.
	- Use date, productname, and title.
	- Pick up author from main document if not contained in refentry.
	- Use refname[1] for man page filename, not refentrytitle.

	* db2man.xsl: add varname support

	* db2man.xsl: This patch makes userinput (an inline element) have inline formatting.

	* db2man.xsl: This patch adds support for the top-level document being something
	other than an article.
	It also emits a helpful warning if no refentry elements are found.

	* db2man.xsl: next twaugh patch:
	  Instead of writing to stdout, create a file for each
	  refentry.  Plus, for bonus points, a file for each additional refname
	  within that entry (pointing to the main page).

	* db2man.xsl: Add named templates for bold-ifying and italicizing stuff. Inspired
	by yet another twaugh patch

	* db2man.xsl, lists.xsl, sect23.xsl: consistently use &#10; instead of a newline

	* db2man.xsl, synop.xsl: * add support for informalexample, screen, errorcode, constant, type,
	  quote, programlisting and citerefentry
	* use the 'bold' and 'italic' named templates

	* xref.xsl: New file.

2001-12-01  Norman Walsh <>

	* README, db2man.xsl, lists.xsl, sect23.xsl, synop.xsl: 
	New file.