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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ASCII"?>
<!--This file was created automatically by html2xhtml-->
<!--from the HTML stylesheets.-->
<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="" xmlns:doc="" xmlns="" version="1.0" exclude-result-prefixes="doc">

<!-- ********************************************************************
     $Id: onechunk.xsl 6910 2007-06-28 23:23:30Z xmldoc $

     This file is part of the XSL DocBook Stylesheet distribution.
     See ../README or for
     copyright and other information.

     ******************************************************************** -->

<!-- ==================================================================== -->

<xsl:import href="chunk.xsl"/>

<!-- Ok, using the onechunk parameter makes this all work again. -->
<!-- It does have the disadvantage that it only works for documents that have -->
<!-- a root element that is considered a chunk by the chunk.xsl stylesheet. -->
<!-- Ideally, onechunk would let anything be a chunk. But not today. -->

<xsl:param name="onechunk" select="1"/>
<xsl:param name="suppress.navigation">1</xsl:param>

<xsl:template name="">
  <xsl:param name="object" select="."/>
  <xsl:call-template name="">
    <xsl:with-param name="object" select="$object"/>