SCons / doc / editor_configs / serna / scons / dtd / ent / isoamsr.ent

     File isoamsr.ent produced by the XSL script entities.xsl
     from input data in unicode.xml.

     Please report any errors to David Carlisle
     via the public W3C list

     The numeric character values assigned to each entity
     (should) match the Unicode assignments in Unicode 4.0.

     Entity names in this file are derived from files carrying the
     following notice:

     (C) International Organization for Standardization 1986
     Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with
     conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in
     ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.


     Version: $Id: isoamsr.ent,v 1.1 2009-03-30 14:59:35 sorin Exp $

       Public identifier: ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Relations//EN//XML
       System identifier:

     The public identifier should always be used verbatim.
     The system identifier may be changed to suit local requirements.

     Typical invocation:

       <!ENTITY % isoamsr PUBLIC
         "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Relations//EN//XML"


<!ENTITY ape              "&#x0224A;" ><!--ALMOST EQUAL OR EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY asymp            "&#x02248;" ><!--ALMOST EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY bcong            "&#x0224C;" ><!--ALL EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY bepsi            "&#x003F6;" ><!--GREEK REVERSED LUNATE EPSILON SYMBOL -->
<!ENTITY bowtie           "&#x022C8;" ><!--BOWTIE -->
<!ENTITY bsim             "&#x0223D;" ><!--REVERSED TILDE -->
<!ENTITY bsime            "&#x022CD;" ><!--REVERSED TILDE EQUALS -->
<!ENTITY bump             "&#x0224E;" ><!--GEOMETRICALLY EQUIVALENT TO -->
<!ENTITY bumpe            "&#x0224F;" ><!--DIFFERENCE BETWEEN -->
<!ENTITY cire             "&#x02257;" ><!--RING EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY colone           "&#x02254;" ><!--COLON EQUALS -->
<!ENTITY cuepr            "&#x022DE;" ><!--EQUAL TO OR PRECEDES -->
<!ENTITY cuesc            "&#x022DF;" ><!--EQUAL TO OR SUCCEEDS -->
<!ENTITY cupre            "&#x0227C;" ><!--PRECEDES OR EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY dashv            "&#x022A3;" ><!--LEFT TACK -->
<!ENTITY ecir             "&#x02256;" ><!--RING IN EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY ecolon           "&#x02255;" ><!--EQUALS COLON -->
<!ENTITY eDot             "&#x02251;" ><!--GEOMETRICALLY EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY efDot            "&#x02252;" ><!--APPROXIMATELY EQUAL TO OR THE IMAGE OF -->
<!ENTITY egs              "&#x02A96;" ><!--SLANTED EQUAL TO OR GREATER-THAN -->
<!ENTITY els              "&#x02A95;" ><!--SLANTED EQUAL TO OR LESS-THAN -->
<!ENTITY erDot            "&#x02253;" ><!--IMAGE OF OR APPROXIMATELY EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY esdot            "&#x02250;" ><!--APPROACHES THE LIMIT -->
<!ENTITY fork             "&#x022D4;" ><!--PITCHFORK -->
<!ENTITY frown            "&#x02322;" ><!--FROWN -->
<!ENTITY gap              "&#x02A86;" ><!--GREATER-THAN OR APPROXIMATE -->
<!ENTITY gE               "&#x02267;" ><!--GREATER-THAN OVER EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY gel              "&#x022DB;" ><!--GREATER-THAN EQUAL TO OR LESS-THAN -->
<!ENTITY ges              "&#x02A7E;" ><!--GREATER-THAN OR SLANTED EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY Gg               "&#x022D9;" ><!--VERY MUCH GREATER-THAN -->
<!ENTITY gl               "&#x02277;" ><!--GREATER-THAN OR LESS-THAN -->
<!ENTITY gsdot            "&#x022D7;" ><!--GREATER-THAN WITH DOT -->
<!ENTITY gsim             "&#x02273;" ><!--GREATER-THAN OR EQUIVALENT TO -->
<!ENTITY Gt               "&#x0226B;" ><!--MUCH GREATER-THAN -->
<!ENTITY lap              "&#x02A85;" ><!--LESS-THAN OR APPROXIMATE -->
<!ENTITY ldot             "&#x022D6;" ><!--LESS-THAN WITH DOT -->
<!ENTITY lE               "&#x02266;" ><!--LESS-THAN OVER EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY leg              "&#x022DA;" ><!--LESS-THAN EQUAL TO OR GREATER-THAN -->
<!ENTITY les              "&#x02A7D;" ><!--LESS-THAN OR SLANTED EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY lg               "&#x02276;" ><!--LESS-THAN OR GREATER-THAN -->
<!ENTITY Ll               "&#x022D8;" ><!--VERY MUCH LESS-THAN -->
<!ENTITY lsim             "&#x02272;" ><!--LESS-THAN OR EQUIVALENT TO -->
<!ENTITY Lt               "&#x0226A;" ><!--MUCH LESS-THAN -->
<!ENTITY ltrie            "&#x022B4;" ><!--NORMAL SUBGROUP OF OR EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY mid              "&#x02223;" ><!--DIVIDES -->
<!ENTITY models           "&#x022A7;" ><!--MODELS -->
<!ENTITY pr               "&#x0227A;" ><!--PRECEDES -->
<!ENTITY prap             "&#x02AB7;" ><!--PRECEDES ABOVE ALMOST EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY pre              "&#x02AAF;" ><!--PRECEDES ABOVE SINGLE-LINE EQUALS SIGN -->
<!ENTITY prsim            "&#x0227E;" ><!--PRECEDES OR EQUIVALENT TO -->
<!ENTITY rtrie            "&#x022B5;" ><!--CONTAINS AS NORMAL SUBGROUP OR EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY samalg           "&#x02210;" ><!--N-ARY COPRODUCT -->
<!ENTITY sc               "&#x0227B;" ><!--SUCCEEDS -->
<!ENTITY scap             "&#x02AB8;" ><!--SUCCEEDS ABOVE ALMOST EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY sccue            "&#x0227D;" ><!--SUCCEEDS OR EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY sce              "&#x02AB0;" ><!--SUCCEEDS ABOVE SINGLE-LINE EQUALS SIGN -->
<!ENTITY scsim            "&#x0227F;" ><!--SUCCEEDS OR EQUIVALENT TO -->
<!ENTITY sfrown           "&#x02322;" ><!--FROWN -->
<!ENTITY smid             "&#x02223;" ><!--DIVIDES -->
<!ENTITY smile            "&#x02323;" ><!--SMILE -->
<!ENTITY spar             "&#x02225;" ><!--PARALLEL TO -->
<!ENTITY sqsub            "&#x0228F;" ><!--SQUARE IMAGE OF -->
<!ENTITY sqsube           "&#x02291;" ><!--SQUARE IMAGE OF OR EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY sqsup            "&#x02290;" ><!--SQUARE ORIGINAL OF -->
<!ENTITY sqsupe           "&#x02292;" ><!--SQUARE ORIGINAL OF OR EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY ssmile           "&#x02323;" ><!--SMILE -->
<!ENTITY Sub              "&#x022D0;" ><!--DOUBLE SUBSET -->
<!ENTITY subE             "&#x02AC5;" ><!--SUBSET OF ABOVE EQUALS SIGN -->
<!ENTITY Sup              "&#x022D1;" ><!--DOUBLE SUPERSET -->
<!ENTITY supE             "&#x02AC6;" ><!--SUPERSET OF ABOVE EQUALS SIGN -->
<!ENTITY thkap            "&#x02248;" ><!--ALMOST EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY thksim           "&#x0223C;" ><!--TILDE OPERATOR -->
<!ENTITY trie             "&#x0225C;" ><!--DELTA EQUAL TO -->
<!ENTITY twixt            "&#x0226C;" ><!--BETWEEN -->
<!ENTITY Vdash            "&#x022A9;" ><!--FORCES -->
<!ENTITY vDash            "&#x022A8;" ><!--TRUE -->
<!ENTITY vdash            "&#x022A2;" ><!--RIGHT TACK -->
<!ENTITY veebar           "&#x022BB;" ><!--XOR -->
<!ENTITY vltri            "&#x022B2;" ><!--NORMAL SUBGROUP OF -->
<!ENTITY vprop            "&#x0221D;" ><!--PROPORTIONAL TO -->
<!ENTITY vrtri            "&#x022B3;" ><!--CONTAINS AS NORMAL SUBGROUP -->
<!ENTITY Vvdash           "&#x022AA;" ><!--TRIPLE VERTICAL BAR RIGHT TURNSTILE -->
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