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This file is processed by the bin/ module.
See its __doc__ string for a discussion of the format.
<tool name="CVS">
Sets construction variables for the CVS source code
management system.

<cvar name="CVS">
The CVS executable.

<cvar name="CVSCOFLAGS">
Options that are passed to the CVS checkout subcommand.

<cvar name="CVSCOM">
The command line used to
fetch source files from a CVS repository.

<cvar name="CVSCOMSTR">
The string displayed when fetching
a source file from a CVS repository.
If this is not set, then &cv-link-CVSCOM;
(the command line) is displayed.

<cvar name="CVSFLAGS">
General options that are passed to CVS.
By default, this is set to
<literal>-d $CVSREPOSITORY</literal>
to specify from where the files must be fetched.

<cvar name="CVSREPOSITORY">
The path to the CVS repository.
This is referenced in the default
&cv-link-CVSFLAGS; value.

<scons_function name="CVS">
<arguments signature="env">
(repository, module)
A factory function that
returns a Builder object
to be used to fetch source files
from the specified
The returned Builder
is intended to be passed to the

This function is deprecated.  For details, see the entry for the

The optional specified
will be added to the beginning
of all repository path names;
this can be used, in essence,
to strip initial directory names
from the repository path names,
so that you only have to
replicate part of the repository
directory hierarchy in your
local build directory.


# Will fetch foo/bar/src.c
# from /usr/local/CVSROOT/foo/bar/src.c.
env.SourceCode('.', env.CVS('/usr/local/CVSROOT'))

# Will fetch bar/src.c
# from /usr/local/CVSROOT/foo/bar/src.c.
env.SourceCode('.', env.CVS('/usr/local/CVSROOT', 'foo'))

# Will fetch src.c
# from /usr/local/CVSROOT/foo/bar/src.c.
env.SourceCode('.', env.CVS('/usr/local/CVSROOT', 'foo/bar'))