SCons / src / engine / SCons / Tool / m4.xml


This file is processed by the bin/ module.
See its __doc__ string for a discussion of the format.
<tool name="m4">
Sets construction variables for the &m4; macro processor.

<builder name="M4">
Builds an output file from an M4 input file.
This uses a default &cv-link-M4FLAGS; value of
which considers all warnings to be fatal
and stops on the first warning
when using the GNU version of m4.

env.M4(target = 'foo.c', source = 'foo.c.m4')

<cvar name="M4">
The M4 macro preprocessor.

<cvar name="M4COM">
The command line used to pass files through the M4 macro preprocessor.

<cvar name="M4COMSTR">
The string displayed when
a file is passed through the M4 macro preprocessor.
If this is not set, then &cv-link-M4COM; (the command line) is displayed.

<cvar name="M4FLAGS">
General options passed to the M4 macro preprocessor.