SCons / src / engine / SCons / Tool / pdflatex.xml


This file is processed by the bin/ module.
See its __doc__ string for a discussion of the format.
<tool name="pdflatex">
Sets construction variables for the &pdflatex; utility.

<cvar name="PDFLATEX">
The &pdflatex; utility.

<cvar name="PDFLATEXCOM">
The command line used to call the &pdflatex; utility.

<cvar name="PDFLATEXCOMSTR">
The string displayed when calling the &pdflatex; utility.
If this is not set, then &cv-link-PDFLATEXCOM; (the command line) is displayed.

env = Environment(PDFLATEX;COMSTR = "Building $TARGET from LaTeX input $SOURCES")

<cvar name="PDFLATEXFLAGS">
General options passed to the &pdflatex; utility.
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