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"""  a testing framework for the script

A TestSCons_time environment object is created via the usual invocation:

    test = TestSCons_time()

TestSCons_time is a subclass of TestCommon, which is in turn is a subclass
of TestCmd), and hence has available all of the methods and attributes
from those classes, as well as any overridden or additional methods or
attributes defined in this subclass.


__revision__ = "__FILE__ __REVISION__ __DATE__ __DEVELOPER__"

import os
import os.path
import string
import sys

from TestCommon import *
from TestCommon import __all__

__all__.extend([ 'TestSCons',

python = python_executable
_python_ = '"' + python_executable + '"'

SConstruct = """\
import os
print "SConstruct file directory:", os.getcwd()

scons_py = """\
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import sys
def write_args(fp, args):
    fp.write(args[0] + '\\n')
    for arg in args[1:]:
        fp.write('    ' + arg + '\\n')
write_args(sys.stdout, sys.argv)
for arg in sys.argv[1:]:
    if arg[:10] == '--profile=':
        profile = open(arg[10:], 'wb')
        write_args(profile, sys.argv)
sys.stdout.write('SCONS_LIB_DIR = ' + os.environ['SCONS_LIB_DIR'] + '\\n')

aegis_py = """\
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import sys
script_dir = 'src/script'
if not os.path.exists(script_dir):
open(script_dir + '/', 'w').write(
""" % scons_py

svn_py = """\
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import sys
dir = sys.argv[-1]
script_dir = dir + '/src/script'
open(script_dir + '/', 'w').write(
""" % scons_py

logfile_contents = """\
Memory before reading SConscript files:  100%(index)s
Memory after reading SConscript files:  200%(index)s
Memory before building targets:  300%(index)s
Memory after building targets:  400%(index)s
Object counts:
       pre-   post-    pre-   post-   
       read    read   build   build   Class
       101%(index)s    102%(index)s    103%(index)s    104%(index)s   Action.CommandAction
       201%(index)s    202%(index)s    203%(index)s    204%(index)s   Action.CommandGeneratorAction
       301%(index)s    302%(index)s    303%(index)s    304%(index)s   Action.FunctionAction
       401%(index)s    402%(index)s    403%(index)s    404%(index)s   Action.LazyAction
       501%(index)s    502%(index)s    503%(index)s    504%(index)s   Action.ListAction
       601%(index)s    602%(index)s    603%(index)s    604%(index)s   Builder.BuilderBase
       701%(index)s    702%(index)s    703%(index)s    704%(index)s   Builder.CompositeBuilder
       801%(index)s    802%(index)s    803%(index)s    804%(index)s   Builder.ListBuilder
       901%(index)s    902%(index)s    903%(index)s    904%(index)s   Builder.MultiStepBuilder
      1001%(index)s   1002%(index)s   1003%(index)s   1004%(index)s   Builder.OverrideWarner
      1101%(index)s   1102%(index)s   1103%(index)s   1104%(index)s   Environment.Base
      1201%(index)s   1202%(index)s   1203%(index)s   1204%(index)s   Environment.EnvironmentClone
      1301%(index)s   1302%(index)s   1303%(index)s   1304%(index)s   Environment.OverrideEnvironment
      1401%(index)s   1402%(index)s   1403%(index)s   1404%(index)s   Executor.Executor
      1501%(index)s   1502%(index)s   1503%(index)s   1504%(index)s   Node.FS
      1601%(index)s   1602%(index)s   1603%(index)s   1604%(index)s   Node.FS.Base
      1701%(index)s   1702%(index)s   1703%(index)s   1704%(index)s   Node.FS.Dir
      1801%(index)s   1802%(index)s   1803%(index)s   1804%(index)s   Node.FS.File
      1901%(index)s   1902%(index)s   1904%(index)s   1904%(index)s   Node.FS.RootDir
      2001%(index)s   2002%(index)s   2003%(index)s   2004%(index)s   Node.Node
Total build time: 11.123456 seconds
Total SConscript file execution time: 22.234567 seconds
Total SCons execution time: 33.345678 seconds
Total command execution time: 44.456789 seconds

profile_py = """\

import profile

try: dispatch = profile.Profile.dispatch
except AttributeError: pass
else: dispatch['c_exception'] = profile.Profile.trace_dispatch_return

prof = profile.Profile()

class TestSCons_time(TestCommon):
    """Class for testing the scons-time script.

    This provides a common place for initializing scons-time tests,
    eliminating the need to begin every test with the same repeated

    def __init__(self, **kw):
        """Initialize an SCons_time testing object.

        If they're not overridden by keyword arguments, this
        initializes the object with the following default values:

                program = 'scons-time'
                interpreter = ['python', '-tt']
                match = match_exact
                workdir = ''

        The workdir value means that, by default, a temporary workspace
        directory is created for a TestSCons_time environment.
        In addition, this method changes directory (chdir) to the
        workspace directory, so an explicit "chdir = '.'" on all of the
        run() method calls is not necessary.

        self.orig_cwd = os.getcwd()
            script_dir = os.environ['SCONS_SCRIPT_DIR']
        except KeyError:
        if not kw.has_key('program'):
            p = os.environ.get('SCONS_TIME')
            if not p:
                p = 'scons-time'
                if not os.path.exists(p):
                    p = ''
            kw['program'] = p

        if not kw.has_key('interpreter'):
            kw['interpreter'] = [python, '-tt']

        if not kw.has_key('match'):
            kw['match'] = match_exact

        if not kw.has_key('workdir'):
            kw['workdir'] = ''

        apply(TestCommon.__init__, [self], kw)

        # Now that the testing object has been set up, check if we should
        # skip the test due to the Python version.  We need to be able to
        # import __future__ (which uses for nested scopes)
        # and to handle list comprehensions (just because we're avoiding
        # the old map() and filter() idioms).

            import __future__
        except ImportError:
            version = string.split(sys.version)[0]
            msg = 'scons-time does not work on Python version %s\n' % version

            eval('[x for x in [1, 2]]')
        except SyntaxError:
            version = string.split(sys.version)[0]
            msg = 'scons-time does not work on Python version %s\n' % version

    def archive_split(self, path):
        if path[-7:] == '.tar.gz':
            return path[:-7], path[-7:]
            return os.path.splitext(path)

    def must_contain_all_lines(self, name, content, expected, exists=None):
        missing_lines = []

        if exists is None:
            exists = lambda e, c: string.find(c, e) != -1

        for e in expected:
            if not exists(e, content):

        if missing_lines:
            sys.stdout.write('%s is missing expected string(s):\n' % name)
            for m in missing_lines:
                sys.stdout.write('    ' + repr(m) + '\n')
            sys.stdout.write('%s content:\n' % name)

    def fake_logfile(self, logfile_name, index=0):
        self.write(self.workpath(logfile_name), logfile_contents % locals())

    def profile_data(self, profile_name, python_name, call, body):
        profile_name = self.workpath(profile_name)
        python_name = self.workpath(python_name)
        d = {
            'profile_name'  : profile_name,
            'python_name'   : python_name,
            'call'          : call,
            'body'          : body,
        self.write(python_name, profile_py % d) = python_name, interpreter = sys.executable)

    def tempdir_re(self, *args):
        Returns a regular expression to match a scons-time
        temporary directory.
        import re
        import tempfile

        sep = re.escape(os.sep)
        tempdir = tempfile.gettempdir()

            realpath = os.path.realpath
        except AttributeError:
            tempdir = realpath(tempdir)

        args = (tempdir, 'scons-time-',) + args
        x = apply(os.path.join, args)
        x = re.escape(x)
        x = string.replace(x, 'time\\-', 'time\\-[^%s]*' % sep)
        return x

    def write_fake_aegis_py(self, name):
        name = self.workpath(name)
        self.write(name, aegis_py)
        os.chmod(name, 0755)
        return name

    def write_fake_scons_py(self):
        self.subdir('src', ['src', 'script'])
        self.write('src/script/', scons_py)

    def write_fake_svn_py(self, name):
        name = self.workpath(name)
        self.write(name, svn_py)
        os.chmod(name, 0755)
        return name

    def write_sample_directory(self, archive, dir, files):
        dir = self.workpath(dir)
        for name, content in files:
            path = os.path.join(dir, name)
            d, f = os.path.split(path)
            if not os.path.isdir(d):
            open(path, 'wb').write(content)
        return dir

    def write_sample_tarfile(self, archive, dir, files):
        import shutil
            import tarfile

        except ImportError:

            self.skip_test('no tarfile module\n')


            base, suffix = self.archive_split(archive)

            mode = {
                '.tar'      : 'w',
                '.tar.gz'   : 'w:gz',
                '.tgz'      : 'w:gz',

            tar =, mode[suffix])
            for name, content in files:
                path = os.path.join(dir, name)
                open(path, 'wb').write(content)
                tarinfo = tar.gettarinfo(path, path)
                tarinfo.uid = 111
                tarinfo.gid = 111
                tarinfo.uname = 'fake_user'
                tarinfo.gname = 'fake_group'
                tar.addfile(tarinfo, open(path, 'rb'))
            return self.workpath(archive)

    def write_sample_zipfile(self, archive, dir, files):
        import shutil
            import zipfile
        except ImportError:

            sys.stderr.write('no zipfile module\n')


            zip = zipfile.ZipFile(archive, 'w')
            for name, content in files:
                path = os.path.join(dir, name)
                open(path, 'wb').write(content)
            return self.workpath(archive)

    sample_project_files = [
        ('SConstruct',  SConstruct),

    def write_sample_project(self, archive, dir=None):
        base, suffix = self.archive_split(archive)

        write_sample = {
            '.tar'      : self.write_sample_tarfile,
            '.tar.gz'   : self.write_sample_tarfile,
            '.tgz'      : self.write_sample_tarfile,
            '.zip'      : self.write_sample_zipfile,
        }.get(suffix, self.write_sample_directory)

        if not dir:
            dir = base

        path = write_sample(archive, dir, self.sample_project_files)

        return path