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Line 3: Imports the env from the parent script

Line 5&7: Sets up the C compiler to look in both the current directory and the include directory underneath the main directory in which SCons was started. Note the "#" in the "#include". This is important. That include directory contains a "config.h" file that almost all the C code references and it is not copied over to the build/etc/etc hierarchy.

Line 9: Gambit Scheme input files (sources)

Line 12: C input files (more sources)

Line 15: Converts the Gambit Scheme input files into C output files (targets) via the GambitCompiler Builder defined in the top-level SConstruct. ie. _io.scm becomes _io.c. Note that I am saving the targets here for later reference.

Line 17&19: Add dependencies to the targets since I can't add them to the sources. These dependencies are actually included by the ".scm" files, but I can't reference those. Also, note that I am using the reference to the targets that I stored (gambitTargetFiles) rather than explicitly trying to name the ".c" files (ie. "_io.c")

Line 23: Use the normal SCons StaticLibrary builder to convert all the ".c" files into a static library. Note that this will generate a bunch of ".o" files first. Store the SCons reference to this library.

Line 24: Return the reference to the newly built library so that I don't have to hunt for it using a filename

# -*-python-*-


cpppath = [".", "#include"]


gambitSourceFiles = ["_io.scm", "_num.scm", "_std.scm", "_kernel.scm", "_nonstd.scm", "_repl.scm",
                     "_eval.scm", "_thread.scm", "_system.scm"]

cSourceFiles = ["main.c", "os_tty.c", "c_intf.c", "os_io.c", "setup.c", "mem.c", "os_files.c", "os.c",
                "os_base.c", "os_time.c", "os_shell.c", "os_dyn.c", "_gambc.c"]

gambitTargetFiles = env.GambitCompiler(gambitSourceFiles)

env.Depends(gambitTargetFiles, ["header.scm"])
#FIXME: Really need a scanner for this.  With Scheme, this should be pathetically easy to make
env.Depends(gambitTargetFiles, ["_kernel#.scm", "_thread#.scm", "_system#.scm", "_num#.scm", "_io#.scm",
                                "_eval#.scm", "_repl#.scm", "_std#.scm", "_nonstd#.scm"])

libgambc = env.StaticLibrary("gambc", [gambitTargetFiles, cSourceFiles])