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SCons / BugParty / IrcLog2009-02-05

18:35:51 * GregNoel is no longer marked as being away 18:38:37 * stevenknight ( has joined #scons 18:38:46 <stevenknight> hello 18:38:52 <GregNoel> Hi, stevenknight; Gary's not here yet 18:39:04 <stevenknight> okay 18:39:16 <stevenknight> bdbaddog said he'd probably show up but would be a little late too 18:51:10 * bdbaddog ( has joined #scons 18:51:18 <bdbaddog> Good evening all! 18:52:05 <GregNoel> Hi, Bill; Steven's in and out; Gary's not here yet. 18:52:35 <bdbaddog> K. 19:04:37 * garyo-home ( has joined #scons 19:04:59 <garyo-home> Hi guys 19:05:10 <GregNoel> Hi, welcome; we're all here. 19:05:16 <garyo-home> great! 19:05:30 <garyo-home> Sorry I was late. 19:05:34 <GregNoel> np 19:06:27 <garyo-home> So, what's on the agenda this evening? 19:06:28 <GregNoel> Are we ready to go? I think 2294 is up. 19:07:40 <GregNoel> Gary, what did you find? 19:08:12 <garyo-home> I just tried his testcase on the machine, and it's reproducible. 19:08:25 <garyo-home> Didn't go beyond that. 19:08:19 <stevenknight> garyo-home: disk space is fine 19:08:40 <stevenknight> i checked our stats and we're well w/in limits now 19:09:03 <garyo-home> stevenknight: thanks. 19:08:48 <garyo-home> I could probably fix it, but I think unless it's a regression we should push it out, it's not that serious. 19:09:13 <GregNoel> I'm puzzled why no output shows up for me; that's really strange. 19:09:23 <GregNoel> but yes, I agree that it's a lower priority. 19:09:28 <garyo-home> Where did you try it? 19:09:34 <GregNoel> On my Mac. 19:10:00 <garyo-home> SConf is a black art to me. 19:10:07 <GregNoel> Ditto. 19:10:11 <stevenknight> Ditto ditto 19:10:25 <GregNoel> Why do you think I want to replace it? 19:10:34 <stevenknight> +1 to that 19:10:41 <garyo-home> But I bet it wouldn't be that hard to debug. Anyway, 2.1 or so, p3? 19:10:50 <GregNoel> 2.x p4 19:11:02 <garyo-home> fine w me too. 19:11:04 <stevenknight> 2.x p4 is good by me 19:11:16 <GregNoel> done. On to the schedule? 19:11:23 <stevenknight> 2294: 2.x p4 done 19:11:48 <garyo-home> ok, sounds fine. 19:11:53 <stevenknight> schedule first, then 2005q1? 19:12:02 <GregNoel> yes. 19:12:05 <GregNoel> Here's the schedule report card: 19:12:05 <GregNoel> The theory--- 19:12:05 <GregNoel> 1.2 has been released, as of 21 December. 19:12:05 <GregNoel> A checkpoint was due 29 December. 19:12:05 <GregNoel> A checkpoint was due 12 January. 19:12:05 <GregNoel> A release candidate was due 19 January. 19:12:05 <GregNoel> 1.3 was due 26 January. 19:12:05 <GregNoel> We should be releasing checkpoints toward 2.0. 19:12:05 <GregNoel> The actuality--- 19:12:05 <GregNoel> There is still one bug not yet cleared from 1.2. 19:12:05 <GregNoel> A checkpoint was released on 13 January. 19:12:05 <GregNoel> Another checkpoint is needed for VS revamp, yes? 19:12:05 <GregNoel> Some soak time (two weeks), then a release candidate. 19:12:06 <GregNoel> The official release of 1.3 a week later. 19:12:06 <GregNoel> Three weeks and change, minimum; odds are 1.3 will be in March. 19:12:06 <GregNoel> Comments? 19:12:27 <stevenknight> yes re: vs_revamp checkpoint 19:12:44 <stevenknight> GregNoel: sounds about right 19:13:02 <garyo-home> I'm in favor of vs_revamp asap. 19:13:08 <bdbaddog> +1 19:13:25 <stevenknight> i'm fixing broken tests as fast as i can 19:13:28 <garyo-home> Greg: what's the 1.2 uncleared bug? 19:13:52 <GregNoel> Belongs to Steven; didn't look beyond that. 19:14:38 <stevenknight> it's a bug re: adding scalable logos 19:14:38 <garyo-home> umm, it's 2058, scalable SVG logo for SCons. 19:14:46 <stevenknight> after making sure they're licensed appropriately 19:14:52 <stevenknight> i tried to reset it from 1.2 to 1.3 but couldn't 19:15:06 <stevenknight> i presume because of the component 19:15:20 <garyo-home> i see what you mean. 19:15:26 <garyo-home> ok, minor issue anyway. 19:15:29 <GregNoel> huh? 19:15:50 <garyo-home> there's no 1.3 in the dropdown list. 19:16:12 <GregNoel> shouldn't have a 1.2 component 19:16:27 <garyo-home> milestone you mean? 19:16:27 <stevenknight> not component, target milestone 19:16:39 <GregNoel> yes, milestone 19:16:45 <stevenknight> it has three in the dropdown: -research-, 1.2 and 1.x 19:16:46 <stevenknight> that's all 19:16:58 <GregNoel> There should only be research. 19:17:18 <GregNoel> It's not keyed to the core release cycle. 19:17:15 <garyo-home> so, just redirect it to research then? 19:17:23 <GregNoel> yes, make it research 19:17:23 <stevenknight> okay, i'll change it to -research-; that'll take care of that 19:17:32 <garyo-home> ok, back to schedule. 19:13:29 <stevenknight> anyone else have cycles? 19:13:44 <garyo-home> How can I help, Steven? I have vs2005 here. 19:14:42 <bdbaddog> I have some intra-build cycles. 19:14:43 <GregNoel> I'm trying to get the GSoC stuff in shape, also the TaskmasterNG, and then be ready to re-floor the sources; not many cycles for me, none to spare. 19:18:05 <garyo-home> Steven: we need to clear out some failing tests, right? I saw some that looked like regex expectation mismatches, maybe I can look at those. 19:18:08 <stevenknight> done 19:18:23 <stevenknight> garyo-home: that sounds good 19:18:46 <stevenknight> probably the most help right now is to at least check out vs_revamp 19:18:56 <stevenknight> and run all the tests on any Windows system available 19:18:59 <garyo-home> Are those the main hurdles to getting vs_revamp in? 19:19:08 <stevenknight> that and doc 19:19:13 <bdbaddog> ok. any special setups needed to do that, just qmtest right? 19:19:20 <stevenknight> and some tests that should be written, but we can probably let that slide 19:19:30 <stevenknight> you don't even absolutely have to have qmtest 19:19:30 <GregNoel> you don't even need QMTest 19:19:40 <stevenknight> knows how to fall back and execute the tests without it 19:19:52 <bdbaddog> ok, but runs better with qmtest? 19:19:51 <stevenknight> QMTest is actually another thing I wouldn't mind getting rid of 19:20:05 <stevenknight> it doesn't have enough mindshare and we're not using any of its theoretic potential 19:20:17 <stevenknight> but that's a whole 'nother discussion... 19:20:24 <GregNoel> yes, later 19:20:32 <garyo-home> interesting opinion: I was thinking of using it at work as a test fwk. 19:20:39 <garyo-home> ok, I'll defer that q. 19:20:36 <bdbaddog> well besides wanting to get rid of it, will tests work better if it's installed? 19:20:43 <garyo-home> I'll do vs2005 and vs2003 by tomorrow and report the results, does that help? 19:20:53 <stevenknight> garyo-home: yes, very much 19:20:58 <GregNoel> garyo-home ++ 19:20:55 <bdbaddog> I have a VS2008express machine. 19:21:04 <stevenknight> bdbaddog++ too 19:21:33 <garyo-home> my buildbot crashed, sorry, I'm restarting it now. 19:22:00 <stevenknight> good news is that vs_revamp does look like it clears up the few remaining test failures i had on trunk 19:22:09 <stevenknight> so we should have green buildbots on Windows once it lands 19:21:50 <bdbaddog> Steven u have room for the dual quad core? 19:22:22 <stevenknight> bdbaddog: ooh, tempting 19:22:23 <stevenknight> i might 19:22:26 <stevenknight> how big is the case? 19:22:37 <bdbaddog> hmm more or less full size tower. 19:23:11 <stevenknight> does it have a wifi card? it wouldn't be close to my router 19:23:13 <bdbaddog> I can send you dimensions if you need them..;) dell poweredge sc1430 I think. 19:23:16 <bdbaddog> no wifi. 19:23:20 <bdbaddog> can get one. 19:23:21 <stevenknight> i could rustle one up i think 19:23:36 <stevenknight> let's sync up off line 19:24:31 <bdbaddog> k 19:24:18 <stevenknight> schedule: see if we can land vs_revamp on trunk by early next week? 19:24:43 <garyo-home> great w/ me. 19:24:54 <GregNoel> fine by me, although I don't use it 19:24:56 <garyo-home> I will see if I can try it on our real build too. 19:25:28 <stevenknight> cool 19:25:53 <bdbaddog> does this end up with the big delays that David mentioned on startup? 19:25:57 <stevenknight> just went and got my main windows laptop 19:26:10 <stevenknight> i have three test failures right now 19:26:15 <stevenknight> that don't show up on my system at work: 19:26:30 <stevenknight> src\engine\SCons\Tool\ 19:27:05 <stevenknight> --- issues w/retrieving default visual studio version on my home system 19:27:18 <garyo-home> fails in the same way for me here. 19:27:24 <stevenknight> test[KeyboardInterrupt](KeyboardInterrupt).py 19:27:31 <GregNoel> ouch 19:27:51 <stevenknight> -- not sure of cause yet 19:28:01 <stevenknight> test\ 19:28:01 <GregNoel> timing.... 19:28:15 <garyo-home> KeyboardInterrupt fails reliably for me too here. 19:28:17 <GregNoel> also timing.... 19:28:35 <stevenknight> possibly timing, not sure 19:28:34 <garyo-home> but it's not timing, it's looking for the mssdk. (?) 19:28:50 <stevenknight> sorry, test\ isn't timing 19:29:05 <stevenknight> it's in the part where it's testing fallback on Python versions that don't have threading 19:29:16 <stevenknight> which it does by dropping in a that just raises ImportError 19:29:16 <GregNoel> ah 19:29:16 <garyo-home> option-j fails w/ same stack trace as KeyboardInterrupt for me too. 19:29:37 <stevenknight> this interferes with the vs_revamp code that uses subprocess to try to execute the .bat script 19:29:45 <bdbaddog> do you guys have the activestate python, or python? 19:29:46 <stevenknight> vcvars32.bat 19:29:49 <bdbaddog> and which versions? 19:30:02 <garyo-home>, 2.5.2 for me 19:30:07 <stevenknight>, 2.4.3 19:30:17 <bdbaddog> try swapping in activestate? 19:30:40 <stevenknight> that won't help test\ 19:30:41 <bdbaddog> which module is it trying to import? 19:30:49 <garyo-home> could do, but it needs to work on too. 19:30:54 <stevenknight> 19:31:19 <garyo-home> Steven: I don't think my failures are the same. I'm seeing mssdk is not defined. 19:31:29 <stevenknight> this raises another issue, which is that vs_revamp's use of subprocess to get the info 19:32:01 <bdbaddog> import threading works find on activestate python 2.5.2 19:32:06 <stevenknight> means we won't work on Windows Pythons that aren't compiled with threading 19:32:14 <stevenknight> bdbaddog: it works fine for us, too 19:32:24 <bdbaddog> ahh o.k. 19:32:14 <GregNoel> (Note that there's a function in Action that wraps subprocess, if you can use it.) 19:32:32 <stevenknight> the issue is that test\ tries to force a test of falling back to working w/out threading 19:32:42 <stevenknight> by faking out the import with our own "module" 19:32:40 <garyo-home> Steven: my failure is at, is that same as yours or not? 19:33:16 <stevenknight> garyo-home: d'oh! 19:33:20 <garyo-home> import threading works for me too... ? 19:33:22 <stevenknight> no, those are other errors 19:33:47 <stevenknight> i was working them this morning, but didn't get a chance to check them in before leaving for work 19:33:51 <stevenknight> hang on... 19:34:34 <stevenknight> garyo-home: update and try again 19:34:50 <garyo-home> ok... 19:35:16 <garyo-home> option-j: now fails with your error ('threading' is not defined) 19:35:16 <stevenknight> i redid the SDK searching to add a new Tool/ tool for independent discovery of the SDKs 19:35:25 <stevenknight> yeah 19:35:32 <stevenknight> i think we have to at least rewrite that test 19:35:53 <stevenknight> and decide that we're okay with requiring threading when SCons is run on Wiindows 19:36:30 <garyo-home> Well, I'm personally OK w/ it... 19:36:36 <stevenknight> since it seems threading is enabled in the and activestate versions, that should be okay 19:37:09 <stevenknight> and people don't build custom Pythons on Windows as readily as they do for other platforms 19:37:19 <stevenknight> okay, I'll add a release note 19:37:37 <stevenknight> and a mention of it in the installation chapter of the User's Guide, too 19:37:50 <stevenknight> garyo-home: do you also get a test[KeyboardInterrupt](KeyboardInterrupt).py failure after update? 19:38:20 <garyo-home> Good plan. now KeyboardInterrupt passes for me, I'm rerunning it to see if it passes twice, yes it passes both times. 19:38:32 <stevenknight> okay, i need to dig on that one 19:38:37 <stevenknight> it passes on my work system, too 19:39:09 <stevenknight> GregNoel's suggestion of timing is distinctly possible, my home system is kind of slow and under-powered 19:39:27 <garyo-home> Mine's zippy 19:40:38 <stevenknight> GregNoel: re: wrapping subprocess 19:40:42 <stevenknight> a la 19:40:51 <GregNoel> yes? 19:41:22 <stevenknight> hang on, interrupt... 19:41:46 * GregNoel is hanging, but the rope is beginning to dig into his neck... 19:42:08 <garyo-home> funny. 19:42:44 <stevenknight> yeah, that might be what we have to do 19:43:17 <stevenknight> the hassle is that it's an import inside subprocess 19:43:37 <stevenknight> and i was really hoping we'd be able to migrate to using subprocess directly 19:43:43 <stevenknight> instead of Yet Another wrapper of our own devising 19:43:59 <bdbaddog> for 2.0? 19:44:15 <stevenknight> threading requirement for 2.0? maybe 19:44:27 <stevenknight> well, except that vs_revamp is what needs this 19:44:42 <stevenknight> and that's the 1.3 pacing item 19:45:11 <GregNoel> (what's an import inside subprocess? I'm missing something) 19:45:19 <stevenknight> import threading 19:45:47 <GregNoel> wait a sec... 19:46:02 <stevenknight> on Windows, it uses threads to handle the async communication in things like _communicate() 19:46:41 <stevenknight> hmm.... 19:46:49 <stevenknight> hmmm.... 19:46:53 <GregNoel> I was checking to see if there was a name change, but not... 19:47:01 <stevenknight> hmmmm..... 19:47:35 <GregNoel> Go for more m&m's! 19:47:29 <stevenknight> i may be able to sidestep this 19:47:40 <stevenknight> the threading is only used inside communicate() 19:48:14 <stevenknight> but we don't need to actually use communicate() to get the output from vcvars32.bat 19:48:27 <stevenknight> because we're not feeding anything to stdin 19:48:35 <stevenknight> so I think it's actually overkill 19:48:41 <stevenknight> okay, we're beating this to death 19:48:45 <bdbaddog> :) 19:48:47 <stevenknight> i have a plan on test\ 19:49:08 <stevenknight> i also have to tackle test[KeyboardInterrupt](KeyboardInterrupt).py since it only shows up on my system 19:49:24 <stevenknight> garyo-home, you can repro the failures? 19:49:40 <stevenknight> even after update? 19:49:45 <garyo-home> yes. Want me to look into the cause? 19:49:59 <stevenknight> yeah, if you could tackle that, it'd be a definite help 19:50:29 <garyo-home> ok, will do. 19:50:37 <stevenknight> also both you and bdbaddog check if any other tests fail on any windows systems you have available 19:50:50 <bdbaddog> ok. 19:50:56 <bdbaddog> on vs_revamp right? 19:51:02 <GregNoel> (Hmmm... If communicate() is called with only one pipe, it acts synchronously; no threading.) 19:51:52 <stevenknight> aha 19:52:03 <stevenknight> bdbaddog: yes, branches/vs_revamp 19:53:01 <stevenknight> if we land it and release a checkpoint next week, then a 1.3 release candidate two weeks later, right? 19:53:12 <GregNoel> yes 19:53:47 <GregNoel> week of 23 Feb. 19:53:49 <stevenknight> so best bet, assuming Monday, yes, that puts us at... February 30th! 19:54:00 <stevenknight> for 1.3 19:54:04 <GregNoel> yes 19:54:25 <stevenknight> okay, that sounds like the plan of record, then 19:54:24 <GregNoel> We'll slide, but it's a nice theory. 19:54:30 <stevenknight> right 19:54:43 <stevenknight> on to 2005q1 then? 19:54:58 <GregNoel> I'm ready; 1064? 19:55:26 <GregNoel> Can't put any issues in 1.x any more, 2.x p4? 19:55:40 <stevenknight> 1064: yes, 2.x p4 19:55:51 <GregNoel> works 19:55:51 <stevenknight> (I filled these out a long time ago) 19:56:12 <garyo-home> ok 19:56:30 <stevenknight> 1065: 2.x p4 ? 19:56:36 <garyo-home> same. 19:56:37 <GregNoel> done 19:56:59 <stevenknight> 1074: 19:57:15 <stevenknight> i'll go with 2.x p4 tbd on this, too 19:57:23 <GregNoel> done 19:57:29 <garyo-home> ok 19:57:46 <stevenknight> 1078: 19:57:48 <stevenknight> sconf_revamp++ 19:57:58 <GregNoel> 1078, 3.x p3 19:58:07 <stevenknight> done 19:58:18 <stevenknight> that'll give us nice incentive to move along from 2.0 to 3.0... :-) 19:58:59 <GregNoel> There's 100+ issues in 2.x; it'll take a while. 19:58:42 <stevenknight> btw, GregNoel, thanks for bolding the appropriate rows in the spreadsheet 19:58:55 <stevenknight> really helps the navigability 19:59:02 <GregNoel> np 19:59:31 <GregNoel> 1093 19:59:49 <stevenknight> "subst" keyword 20:00:12 <garyo-home> ok w/ that, prob 2.x? 20:00:25 <stevenknight> I'll add the keyword 20:00:30 <GregNoel> Sigh, I have a partial writeup of a wiki page discussing this, but it's nowhere near internally consistent enough to put out. 20:00:58 <stevenknight> 2.x sounds right 20:01:28 <stevenknight> p2? 20:01:33 <GregNoel> I'll buy 2.x p2 20:01:48 <garyo-home> sold 20:01:57 <stevenknight> done 20:02:02 <stevenknight> 1094: 20:02:12 <garyo-home> 1094 looks like Greg to dup it and untangle 20:02:14 <stevenknight> dup GregNoel 20:02:21 <GregNoel> Gary has a comment about the subst keyword later; we'll get to it below. 20:02:46 <GregNoel> 1094 2.x p4 20:02:59 <stevenknight> 1094: done 20:03:26 <stevenknight> 1098: i like the i18n keyword 20:03:35 <GregNoel> 1098 is nasty 20:03:39 <stevenknight> or unicode, whichever 20:03:42 <stevenknight> agreed re: nasty 20:04:00 <bdbaddog> 4.x 20:04:56 <garyo-home> unicode is more correct 20:05:16 <GregNoel> yes, unicode is not the same as i18n 20:05:03 <stevenknight> 1098: future, unicode keyword 20:05:45 <GregNoel> I hate to push it out that far, but I can't think of how to deal with it, either. 20:06:07 <stevenknight> agreed on both counts 20:06:06 <garyo-home> GSoC? 20:06:20 <GregNoel> garyo-home, hmmm... 20:06:30 <garyo-home> just a thought. 20:06:57 <stevenknight> hey, if the right brilliant student shows up 20:06:59 <GregNoel> I'll put it on my GSoC list and see if I can figure something out. 20:07:20 <stevenknight> i think we could write it up to sound like an attractive tough problem to solve 20:08:10 <GregNoel> We get so few students, I'd put other things as a higher priority, but it might be OK. 20:07:58 <stevenknight> have we reached consensus? 20:08:27 <GregNoel> no consensus I see; defer until next time? 20:08:34 <stevenknight> okay 20:09:06 <bdbaddog> I'd say make it future. We've not had a lot of request for this have we? 20:09:14 <bdbaddog> unicode that is. 20:09:37 <stevenknight> bdbaddog: we can go into more depth next week 20:09:46 <bdbaddog> k. 20:09:47 <GregNoel> It's because a filename has unicode characters in it. 20:09:01 <stevenknight> 1107: 2.1 p3 20:09:04 <stevenknight> and split into parts? 20:10:08 <GregNoel> 1107, I'll untangle it. 20:10:03 <garyo-home> What is the point of 1107? 20:10:30 <GregNoel> gcc -include xxx.h on the command line. 20:10:39 <garyo-home> oh, got it. 20:11:18 <GregNoel> 1107, I'll untangle it? 20:11:35 <bdbaddog> +1 20:11:36 <garyo-home> agree, you do that, then 2.x p3 for the parts? 20:11:46 <stevenknight> i'm okay with that 20:11:51 <stevenknight> or re-triaging the parts separately next week 20:11:50 <GregNoel> Or do we want me to try untangling it and review it next time? 20:12:00 <garyo-home> that's fine w/ me too. 20:12:05 <bdbaddog> +1 on untangle and retriage 20:12:08 <GregNoel> OK, I'll do that 20:12:28 <GregNoel> 1116, no clue 20:13:01 <garyo-home> 1116, it thinks there's going to be a .exp file but there isn't one. 20:13:21 <garyo-home> emitter bug in mingw, or mingw not clearing out some var from msvc most likely 20:13:44 <GregNoel> (Here's Gary's comment about what the subst keyword should cover.) 20:14:45 <garyo-home> 1116, not a huge prob because of easy workaround (you don't typically install all the files resulting from a SharedLibrary call anyway) 20:14:54 <garyo-home> 2.x p4 tbd? 20:15:06 <GregNoel> done 20:15:09 <stevenknight> done 20:15:26 <GregNoel> last one, 1126 20:15:31 <stevenknight> 1120? 20:15:52 <stevenknight> i think 1120 is what you meant re: gary's subst comment? 20:15:53 <GregNoel> Oops, I was one ahead 20:16:13 <stevenknight> 1120: 2.x p3 subst keyword? 20:16:15 <garyo-home> Yes. 1120, patch is pretty simple and non-intrusive 20:16:35 <garyo-home> It only does anything if the cmd ends with \ 20:16:43 <GregNoel> Is Jim still around? Who should contact him? 20:17:03 <stevenknight> either you or me 20:17:14 <GregNoel> hmmm, you? 20:17:41 <stevenknight> okay 20:17:47 <GregNoel> I wrote him around Christmas and got no reply 20:18:17 <stevenknight> i'll check, and if i get no reply, too, then we should probably reassign 20:18:26 <GregNoel> concur 20:18:27 <stevenknight> actually, that's true for a number of people we haven't heard from 20:18:45 <stevenknight> but that's yet another topic for another time 20:18:53 <GregNoel> yes, I just heard from Ludwig; he's busy but hoping to spend some time on SCons 20:19:03 <garyo-home> Greg: good news. 20:18:42 <garyo-home> 1120: Anyone could do this one. Even the testcase should be easy. 20:19:16 <stevenknight> garyo-home: would 1120 be good for your spare-half-hour back burner? 20:19:35 <garyo-home> sure, why not. It's windows after all :-/ 20:19:42 <stevenknight> okay 20:19:59 <GregNoel> done; what milestone and priority? 20:20:02 <stevenknight> 1120: 2.x p3 garyo-home subst keyword 20:20:07 <GregNoel> done 20:20:11 <garyo-home> good 20:20:17 <GregNoel> now the last one... 20:20:33 <stevenknight> 1126: agree w/Greg's plan 20:20:48 <stevenknight> merge w/2079 20:20:48 <GregNoel> done, and that's all 20:20:57 <stevenknight> okay, i have to run 20:21:02 <garyo-home> good job guys! 20:21:09 <bdbaddog> :) 20:21:17 <stevenknight> great that we're now well down below 50 to classify... 20:21:19 <GregNoel> Great job; we only have 2004 left now 20:21:22 <garyo-home> ok, I'll run my tests & get you results tomorrow. 20:21:27 <bdbaddog> ditto 20:21:33 <stevenknight> thanks 20:21:33 <bdbaddog> running now. 20:21:35 <GregNoel> G'night all 20:21:39 <garyo-home> night. 20:21:39 <bdbaddog> night 20:21:46 * garyo-home has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.6/2009011913]") 20:21:48 * GregNoel has been marked as being away 20:21:49 <stevenknight> GregNoel: are you planning to add 2004 spreadsheets? 20:22:10 <GregNoel> Already have; info just not pushed over to yet. 20:22:22 <stevenknight> okay, i'll look for those 20:22:30 <stevenknight> thanks 20:22:34 <stevenknight> i have to run myself... 20:22:47 * stevenknight has quit ("Leaving") 20:32:55 * bdbaddog ( has left #scons