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SCons / BugParty / IrcLog2009-04-15

17:30:10 * garyo-home ( has joined #scons 17:30:24 <garyo-home> hi guys 17:30:47 <GregNoel> Hi, Gary. 17:31:20 <GregNoel> Steven's laptop went to sleep a few minutes ago, so I suspect he's on the way to the shuttle. 17:31:24 <garyo-home> Just waiting for Steven I think 17:32:25 * stevenknight (n=stevenkn@ has joined #scons 17:33:09 <garyo-home> and here he is now. Hi Steven! 17:33:15 <stevenknight> hey 17:33:25 <garyo-home> OK to start? 17:33:32 <stevenknight> good by me 17:33:48 <garyo-home> So 2393 is clearly my bug, I'll figure out what's going on there. 17:33:54 <garyo-home> I've reproduced it. 17:34:08 <GregNoel> done 17:34:29 <stevenknight> done 17:34:42 <GregNoel> 2394, +dmd? 17:34:45 <garyo-home> 2394: Greg, why do you think Bill's patch won't work? 17:35:07 <GregNoel> It just makes sure the library doesn't occur more than once. 17:34:59 <garyo-home> oh wait, I see now 17:35:03 <stevenknight> +dmd ++ 17:35:09 <garyo-home> Ok, I agree 17:35:14 <GregNoel> When? 17:35:33 <stevenknight> 2.x p3 17:35:24 <garyo-home> Can Bill take it? 17:35:39 <stevenknight> i'm okay with giving it to bill 17:35:41 <garyo-home> ok w/ me 17:35:50 <GregNoel> OK, we'll try it. 17:35:45 <stevenknight> not sure if he'll be okay with it tho 17:35:54 <stevenknight> the last one was just applying someone else's patch 17:36:09 <stevenknight> so it's not like he's a dmd guy or anything 17:36:12 <stevenknight> still, let's try it 17:36:14 <GregNoel> right 17:36:19 <garyo-home> Probably the OP will tell him that it didn't work and ask for more help. 17:36:39 * stevenknight takes 10x the words to say what Greg says, as usual... :-) 17:37:00 * GregNoel types too slowly to do otherwise 17:37:00 <stevenknight> yeah, leave it with bill until further notice, then 17:37:11 <GregNoel> done 17:37:21 <stevenknight> done 17:37:29 <GregNoel> 2395 17:37:33 <garyo-home> 2395: I now agree w/ you guys, need config, ask OP for patch 17:37:43 <stevenknight> k 17:37:53 <stevenknight> i think this should be collected with the other symlink ones 17:37:53 <GregNoel> no, not +symlink 17:38:00 <stevenknight> why not? 17:38:30 <GregNoel> it's just an option to copytree(); it doesn't have to do with making symlinks first-class objects 17:39:04 <stevenknight> hmm, okay 17:39:04 <stevenknight> i guess 17:39:10 <garyo-home> More I think about it the more I realize neither way is better, I can make valid cases for either one. Flag is necessary. 17:39:12 <garyo-home> IMHO 17:39:53 <GregNoel> I don't know if you can have flags on Actions, but that's the obvious solution. 17:39:21 <stevenknight> i see the technical distinction 17:39:32 <stevenknight> but not sure if users care 17:39:40 <stevenknight> okay, not +symlink 17:39:48 <stevenknight> ask OP to contribute 17:40:11 <GregNoel> yes, agreed, ask OP 17:40:23 <stevenknight> do we need any more categorization? 17:40:46 <garyo-home> i don't think so 17:40:50 <GregNoel> ditto 17:40:52 <stevenknight> okay, done 17:41:00 <GregNoel> 2396 17:41:22 <GregNoel> Dearth of comments on this one... {;-} 17:41:48 <garyo-home> Greg: your only reservation is the string join, right? 17:41:51 <stevenknight> had trouble looking at the patch 17:41:51 <GregNoel> Ah, I see, wrong row... 17:42:01 <garyo-home> (sorry, just fixed my comment) 17:42:14 <stevenknight> and bad network lag w/Firefox on the bus now... 17:42:19 <GregNoel> yes, the string join; I don't know if this can run on 2.2 or before. 17:42:41 <garyo-home> I think since it's a patch to a previous patch we should get it in sooner. 17:43:37 <stevenknight> agreed re: sooner if we broke something in a recent patch 17:42:48 <stevenknight> string joins are usually easy to convert to old syntax... 17:43:04 <garyo-home> Sure, trivial. 17:43:13 <GregNoel> +Easy for sure 17:43:20 <stevenknight> so 1.3 p2 ? 17:43:30 <GregNoel> works; who? 17:44:43 <garyo-home> I'm heading out soon for a week so I'm not the right person for this one. I'd commit it if there were a test though. 17:44:59 <stevenknight> give it to me 17:45:05 <GregNoel> done 17:45:28 <GregNoel> (Although I hate to interfere with 1.3-RC.) 17:45:33 <stevenknight> 2397: consensus 17:45:41 <garyo-home> ok 17:45:48 <GregNoel> done 17:46:00 <garyo-home> 2398 consensus too? 17:46:06 <GregNoel> 2398, also consensus 17:47:04 <GregNoel> 2399, Gary, I agree with your comment, which is why I said it's not obvious to find... 17:47:25 <garyo-home> I could take this one as long as it's not high priority. 17:47:37 <garyo-home> I have a Mac and understand that part of the code. 17:47:59 <GregNoel> For 2.x p3, I'm not going to worry about who gets it. 17:48:18 <garyo-home> ok, good. 17:48:25 <garyo-home> esp. if it's +Easy 17:48:20 <stevenknight> is there any more useful information the OP could provide? 17:49:05 <garyo-home> Steven: could ask for small testcase, but otoh I haven't tried it. 17:49:38 <GregNoel> I'll mention that in the note assigning it to you 17:49:49 <stevenknight> sounds good 17:49:51 <stevenknight> done 17:49:51 <garyo-home> I think it'll either be easy to repro, or we'll have to get more info (in which case it could be user error) 17:50:32 <GregNoel> On to 2004? 17:50:48 <stevenknight> yeah 17:50:53 <stevenknight> i didn't get to the spreadsheet, though 17:50:59 <garyo-home> sorry me neither 17:51:08 <GregNoel> I'm only half-way 17:51:15 <garyo-home> 743 is wontfix though. 17:51:20 <stevenknight> let's make what progress we can 17:51:22 <stevenknight> 743: wontfix 17:51:38 <GregNoel> done 17:51:43 <stevenknight> the part of me that wants to do everything Make can do doesn't like it 17:51:51 <stevenknight> but it's definitely not high enough priority 17:51:59 <garyo-home> not nearly high enough! 17:52:14 <stevenknight> 744: i'll get the patch off sourceforge 17:52:35 <GregNoel> I'll assign it to you; assign it back when the patch is there. 17:52:48 <stevenknight> done 17:53:34 <stevenknight> 765: 2.x, p2, stevenknight, packaging 17:53:47 <stevenknight> note re: someone else taking it if we find a better packaging guru 17:53:49 <garyo-home> 765: could be research to see if it still happens 17:54:07 <stevenknight> garyo-home: good point 17:54:07 <GregNoel> point 17:54:31 <GregNoel> I like research, I guess 17:54:36 <stevenknight> okay, research 17:54:42 <GregNoel> done 17:54:42 <stevenknight> more likely it'll get off the plate sooner 17:55:08 <stevenknight> 767: yeah, already fixed 17:55:25 <stevenknight> when we changed the default behavior w/the sig refactoring 17:55:25 <GregNoel> FIXED, then? 17:55:26 <garyo-home> ok 17:55:32 <stevenknight> yes 17:55:35 <GregNoel> done 17:56:26 <GregNoel> 768 17:56:31 <stevenknight> (trying to pull it up) 17:56:32 <garyo-home> 768 is really asking for Install with perms I think. 17:56:42 <GregNoel> yes 17:57:06 <garyo-home> That's a useful suggestion and there's a wrapper builder on the wiki for it. 17:57:34 <garyo-home> I recommend closing this one and adding an enh req for Install with perms. 17:57:40 <garyo-home> (unless there's already one) 17:57:45 <stevenknight> seems like some other bug in our voluminous list should cover this topic more generally 17:58:01 <stevenknight> i like closing and opening an Install-with-perms issue 17:58:10 <GregNoel> That would be 'automake' compatibility. 17:58:19 <garyo-home> yes, in a way 17:59:34 <GregNoel> wontfix? invalid? something else? 18:00:01 <garyo-home> doesn't much matter as long as there's a comment explaining why. wontfix. 18:00:09 <stevenknight> wontfix 18:00:12 <GregNoel> done 18:00:36 <GregNoel> 780 18:00:49 <garyo-home> invalid. 18:00:54 <stevenknight> 780: actually, iirc, this was deceptively difficult when I tried to look at it awhile ago 18:01:19 <stevenknight> the obvious solutions had side effects due to our tangled web of builder subtypes 18:01:19 <garyo-home> (Also, I fixed the EEXIST mkdir error that would have occurred if he had made a proper Action here.) 18:01:59 <stevenknight> i could be misremembering though 18:02:20 <garyo-home> I believe it 18:02:46 <stevenknight> how about 2.x p3 stevenknight, then? 18:03:23 * GregNoel will defer to the experts 18:03:25 <stevenknight> or research, to characterize whether it is or isn't easy 18:03:26 <garyo-home> to fix the doc? 18:04:08 <stevenknight> or to fix the doc 18:04:10 <stevenknight> yeah, research, me 18:05:06 <GregNoel> Gary concurs? 18:05:13 <garyo-home> sure. 18:05:16 <GregNoel> done 18:05:21 <stevenknight> done 18:05:30 <garyo-home> 790: we'd need more info or a mingw expert to fix this. 18:06:06 * GregNoel will defer to the experts again 18:06:40 * stevenknight can't get firefox to stop going non-responsive 18:07:23 <stevenknight> gary, any thoughts? I can't pull up anything right now 18:07:53 <garyo-home> I don't think any of us know enough to write a patch for this issue, we'd need more info. 18:08:13 * stevenknight tries shutting down firefox to start from scratch 18:08:54 <stevenknight> is the OP identifiable as an active user? 18:09:27 * garyo-home goes to check 18:09:45 <garyo-home> nope. 18:09:53 <garyo-home> pre-Tigris I guess 18:10:20 <stevenknight> either assign it as research to someone (me) or else defer to next time 18:10:41 <stevenknight> i may be able to get advice from co-workers 18:10:42 <GregNoel> or close it? Five years old... 18:10:56 <garyo-home> tempting indeed. 18:10:33 <garyo-home> do you have mingw? 18:10:58 <stevenknight> no 18:11:00 <stevenknight> i try to keep my Windows systems vanilla, 18:12:15 <stevenknight> defer this one to next time and let's move on? 18:12:20 <GregNoel> done 18:12:29 <GregNoel> 797, what he wants to do is bind to the wrapper library, but what he's trying to do is put inside the wrapper library. 18:12:29 <GregNoel> I know the latter is bogus and I don't think we have any handy way to do the former. 18:13:01 <garyo-home> Right, the workaround is as always attributes.shared=1, which is not ideal 18:13:21 <stevenknight> damn, shuttle stop < 1 min. 18:13:40 <GregNoel> Damn, I wanted to ask about schedule... 18:13:52 <stevenknight> i thought our answer was setting STATIC_AND_SHARED_ARE_THE_SAME 18:13:57 <stevenknight> or whatever that big long variable name is 18:14:22 <garyo-home> steven: that's not quite the same, he's adding a .so as a source, and that's not tagged. 18:14:31 <stevenknight> ah 18:14:44 <stevenknight> Greg, i can IRC later tonight 18:14:49 <stevenknight> or we can try for tomorrow 18:15:12 <GregNoel> good, when? Pizza is arriving for me, but I'm free after that. 18:15:06 <stevenknight> send a time that's convenient for you in email 18:15:06 <garyo-home> I'm out next week, but actually I can do 2 wks from now. 18:15:22 <garyo-home> (wait, you're asking about release schedule, not bugparty schedule) 18:15:33 <stevenknight> gotta go... i'll check in when i get home 18:15:34 * stevenknight has quit ("This computer has gone to sleep") 18:15:44 <GregNoel> What I can do is put all the issues together... 18:15:45 <garyo-home> I have to bow out too, but let me know what transpires. 18:15:57 <GregNoel> ... and everybody is gone... 18:15:58 <garyo-home> ok... 18:16:02 <garyo-home> no I'm still here 18:16:12 <GregNoel> going, going, .... 18:16:09 <garyo-home> what were you saying? 18:16:28 <garyo-home> you can put all the issues together and then what? 18:16:53 <GregNoel> We're so close to killing the backlog that I can just make all the old issues show up in the current stack for next time. 18:17:27 <garyo-home> That makes good sense to me. 18:17:28 <GregNoel> If you're going to be here in two weeks, that would give < 30 issues 18:17:39 <GregNoel> A lot for one sitting, but possible. 18:17:48 <garyo-home> I will be here. (Thought I had a school meeting but it was changed.) 18:18:13 <GregNoel> OK, I'll make the next meeting in two weeks. 18:18:06 <garyo-home> If I can get to the spreadsheet that'll help of course 18:18:37 <GregNoel> And the spreadsheet is always good to do... 18:18:45 <garyo-home> :-) 18:18:26 <garyo-home> Enjoy your pizza. 18:18:51 <GregNoel> Thanks, I will. CUL 18:18:55 <garyo-home> bye 18:18:59 * garyo-home has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.8/2009032609]")