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SCons / BugParty / IrcLog2009-05-27

08:55:44 * bdbaddog ( has joined #scons 17:27:22 * GregNoel is no longer marked as being away 17:32:18 <bdbaddog> Good evening. 17:32:30 * stevenknight (n=stevenkn@ has joined #scons 17:33:34 * stevenknight is now known as sgk 17:33:54 <sgk> good evening 17:33:59 <sgk> afternoon 17:34:00 <sgk> whatever 17:34:17 <bdbaddog> :) 17:34:53 <GregNoel> I'm back... I was fiddling with 2425 again... 17:35:29 <sgk> weird symptom 17:35:46 <sgk> variant dirs are, in general, relatively platform-independent 17:36:09 <GregNoel> Yeah, but I was surprised that it worked, even for dot not local 17:36:35 <GregNoel> which was my first guess. 17:38:53 <sgk> i'm guessing no gary tonight 17:39:15 <GregNoel> Doesn't look like it. 17:41:46 <GregNoel> Uh, looking at your comment, does the test case use that egregious hack? 17:42:09 <sgk> what egregious hack? i haven't opened up any attached configs 17:42:45 <GregNoel> he sets node.attributes.flag directly. 17:43:07 <GregNoel> As far as I know, that's not tested anywhere; it's a hack. 17:43:38 <sgk> he sets it? 17:43:45 <sgk> looks to me like that's coming from Tool\ 17:43:47 <sgk> which is ours... 17:44:22 <sgk> we're talking about 2423, right? 17:44:37 <GregNoel> Yes, I misread it. You're right. 17:45:10 <sgk> question is how he's feeding it to the builder so that it ends up down there without the node transformation 17:45:30 <GregNoel> Point. 17:46:01 <sgk> heck, no reason not to just update it here in real time... 17:46:23 <GregNoel> go for it. Assign it to Bill to research? 17:46:31 <bdbaddog> if he's on windows shouldn't it be calling mslink? 17:46:31 <sgk> yes 17:46:43 <sgk> i though mslink calls link under the covers 17:46:52 <sgk> for common things like setting the shared attribute on a node 17:48:39 <bdbaddog> hmm. I don't think it does. but research. 17:48:48 <GregNoel> done 17:49:21 <GregNoel> 2424, I'll send him a nice note. 17:49:57 <sgk> done 17:50:04 <sgk> 2423 done 17:50:05 <sgk> 2424 done 17:50:17 <sgk> 2425: 17:50:38 <sgk> yow 17:50:47 <sgk> bill, see what you mean re: the svn repostiory 17:50:51 <sgk> just went to sync a tree to try to look 17:51:14 <sgk> svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/svn/scons/trunk' 17:51:20 <bdbaddog> yup. same on tigris "browse source" page, but parts synced fine from tigris.. 17:51:21 <sgk> svn: Could not open the requested SVN filesystem 17:51:25 <sgk> is that what you're seeing? 17:51:31 <bdbaddog> yes. 17:51:46 <sgk> GregNoel, are you having problems with's svn? 17:51:49 <GregNoel> yes 17:51:43 <bdbaddog> 17:51:46 <bdbaddog> look at that page... 17:51:53 <bdbaddog> Berkeley DB error for filesystem 17:52:33 <sgk> okay, lovely 17:52:42 <sgk> anyone contacted yet? 17:52:44 * garyo-home ( has joined #scons 17:52:50 <GregNoel> I haven't checked feedback@tigris, but I assumed it was system-wide, but if parts is OK, then maybe not. 17:52:56 <sgk> hey garyo-home 17:53:01 <GregNoel> Belated hello... 17:53:03 <garyo-home> hi folks 17:53:06 <garyo-home> sorry I'm late. 17:53:14 <sgk> we're just discussing our sick SVN server at 17:53:25 <sgk> already updated 2423 17:53:31 <sgk> and greg will close 2424 17:53:40 <GregNoel> already done 17:53:48 <garyo-home> great! 17:54:03 <garyo-home> I saw the server error today, someone mentioned it on the ML. 17:55:34 <sgk> is there any kind of site status/announcement page at 17:55:53 <sgk> if so, they have it relatively well hidden... :-/ 17:56:14 <GregNoel> I just checked feedback@tigris; no outage reports. 17:56:27 <sgk> how did you check? 17:56:46 <GregNoel> 17:57:28 <sgk> ah, of course. how intuitive 17:57:55 <sgk> is there some way that mortals should be able to navigate there? 17:58:06 <GregNoel> It's probably at the bottom of your "my pages" tab; all owners are subscribed. 17:58:37 * sgk slaps forehead 17:58:54 <sgk> of course! why didn't i think about looking on "My Pages" for system-wide things...! 17:58:57 <sgk> </snark> 17:59:21 <GregNoel> I keep thinking I should convert it to email, since I rarely check into it, but the signal-to-noise ratio is so low. 17:59:33 <sgk> no doubt 17:59:57 <GregNoel> And look in the left margin; there's always stuff there that slips in unobtrusively. 17:59:36 <sgk> anyway 17:59:54 <sgk> you want to send them something, since you have history with them? 18:00:10 <sgk> or would you rather i send them something (since you have history with them... :-))? 18:00:31 <GregNoel> Yeah, I'll write them. Jack has good asbestos armor. 18:00:45 <sgk> thnx 18:00:51 <sgk> 2425? 18:01:24 <GregNoel> 2425 worksforme, even under duress. 18:03:06 <garyo-home> I don't have my windows box handy but I can test it there in the AM. 18:03:45 <sgk> probably makes sense to get a config 18:04:04 <sgk> this smells like a dependency problem in the configuration 18:04:34 <sgk> that's only noticed in the case where there's an actual error in compilation 18:04:20 <garyo-home> Is there not enough info in the attachment? 18:04:43 <GregNoel> Attachment is pretty clear, once you clear out the VS cruft 18:04:56 <sgk> oh, my mistake 18:05:36 <garyo-home> hm, variant_dir with a drive name... 18:06:37 <garyo-home> I'll try it in the morning and let you know. Give it to me for research. 18:06:44 <GregNoel> done 18:06:46 <bdbaddog> just tried. 18:06:55 <sgk> aha.... 18:07:04 <garyo-home> ...and? 18:07:23 <bdbaddog> repeats for me as per the bug. 18:07:35 <bdbaddog> but my trunk may be a bit old. 18:08:27 <GregNoel> Well, if we can reproduce it, who should take it? 18:09:37 <garyo-home> well, Steven fixed the other related bug 2002... 18:09:50 <sgk> yeah, that makes sense 18:10:26 <sgk> (if we want it fixed some time in 2010... :-/) 18:10:26 <GregNoel> milestone and priority? 18:10:43 <sgk> 2.x p3 18:10:49 <GregNoel> done 18:11:00 <sgk> ~5 minutes left for me 18:11:05 <GregNoel> How about the 1.3 release? 18:11:13 <sgk> bill, where are you at w/1.3? what help do you need? 18:11:54 <bdbaddog> just got back on it today. trying to trace down failure on 18:12:30 <bdbaddog> looks like the perhaps fake registry is not working. 18:12:45 <sgk> go ahead and send me output, i can let you know if we can just ignore/drop those tests due to changed apis 18:12:47 <bdbaddog> for testcase msvs6and7TestCase it finds only vs6 and not 7 18:13:23 <bdbaddog> you'd need my code (as yet not checked in) to reproduce.. 18:14:15 <sgk> if it gets to that point, you can send me a patch 18:14:52 <bdbaddog> sent 18:15:00 <GregNoel> Check it in and see if the BuildBot picks it up? 18:15:37 <bdbaddog> actaully most of the tests in this file fail. I've just commented out so only one of the failing ones are run to work on that.. 18:16:11 <sgk> okay, i'll take a look at that 18:16:25 <sgk> GregNoel: any buildbot action items for me? 18:16:41 <sgk> you sent an updated patch for multiple branches 18:16:46 <GregNoel> Have you added the stuff for multi,, 18:16:51 <sgk> is it worth using that to try to spin up a branches/vs_revamp buildbot? 18:16:56 <sgk> slave that is 18:17:10 <GregNoel> yes 18:17:05 <bdbaddog> any of those changes gonna make it into buildbot distro? 18:17:26 <sgk> okay, i'll look at that too 18:17:56 <GregNoel> I believe the patches will enable all branches, so just go ahead with that and see what happens 18:18:08 <sgk> GregNoel: will do 18:17:35 <sgk> re: upstream 18:17:42 <sgk> Greg's done a bunch of work on our copy of the console view 18:18:05 <sgk> and Nicolas Sylvain has done a bunch on Chromium's 18:18:05 <sgk> we need to merge them in one direction or another 18:18:26 <sgk> and then nsylvain can pass it up to buildbot proper 18:18:32 <sgk> i don't think he's done that yet 18:19:13 <GregNoel> Um, I have a lot of fixes; better to let me see his changes and add them. I also want to add support for multiple branches. 18:19:45 <sgk> okay, i'll track down his changes and send you a patch 18:20:08 <GregNoel> thanks 18:18:42 <sgk> greg, you also had the performance improvmeent on the grid view 18:18:57 <sgk> were you going to pass that to buildbot independently? 18:19:10 <sgk> or would you like it all wrapped up with the other stuff? 18:20:04 <GregNoel> The grid view stuff is relatively minor, but I have some fixes they should incorporate. 18:19:57 <sgk> ~1 minute to shuttle stop 18:20:28 <GregNoel> I guess that's all then. 18:20:39 <GregNoel> cul 18:20:43 <bdbaddog> :) 18:20:49 <garyo-home> ok! 18:20:51 * GregNoel has been marked as being away 18:21:09 <garyo-home> bye for now 18:21:10 <sgk> all right 18:21:12 <sgk> thanks everyone 18:21:18 * garyo-home has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.10/2009042316]") 18:23:59 <bdbaddog> I'm off.. good night to all.. 18:24:03 * bdbaddog ( has left #scons 18:45:56 * sgk has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))