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Read/Write Access to the Spreadsheets

Here's the theory: Log in at Google and then follow one of the links below. If you're still logged in when you get there, you should have been added as a collaborator and will be able to edit the spreadsheet. In the future, you can use a direct link rather than one of these "magic" links; it should remember that you are a collaborator. Here are the known caveats:

  • You <ins>must</ins> be logged in at Google <ins>before</ins> following the link. If you're not logged in, it will ask you for your name and password, but then it will not continue and connect to the spreadsheet; you will get an access error. Moreover, this seems to stick; you have to log off, let things time out, and start from scratch.
  • Having the spreadsheet opened view-only in a different window or tab will cause the magic embedded in these links to fail for some reason. Be sure to use the "File>Close" option to release the page or it won't be released until the server times out (typically a couple of hours). If this doesn't work, let me know; there's <ins>got</ins> to be an automated way of allowing collaborators to join. And if you find other variants work or don't work, let me know that, as well (or add them to the caveats above).

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