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SCons / CheetahBuilder

SCons Tool for Cheetah

Provides a SCons tool that allows SConstruct scripts to build files from Cheetah templates.

import SCons.Builder
import pickle

def makeCheetahCommand(target, source, env, for_signature):
    base = 'export PYTHONPATH="${TARGET.dir}" &&' 
    base += 'cheetah fill --stdout --nobackup '
    sourceAndTarget = '$SOURCE >> $TARGET'
    if 'PICKLE' in env:
        env.Depends(target, env['PICKLE'])
        return base + '--pickle $PICKLE ' + sourceAndTarget
        return base + sourceAndTarget

cheetahBldr = SCons.Builder.Builder(
    generator = makeCheetahCommand,
    src_suffix = '.tmpl',
    single_source = True,

def pickle_function(target, source, env):
    for i in range(len(target)):
        pickle.dump(source[i].read(), open(str(target[i]), 'wb'))
    return None

pickleBldr = SCons.Builder.Builder(
    action = pickle_function,
    suffix = '.pkl'

def generate(env):
    env['BUILDERS']['Cheetah'] = cheetahBldr
    env['BUILDERS']['Pickle'] = pickleBldr

def exists(env):
    return env.Detect('cheetah')

Use it something like this:

pickle = env.Pickle('vars.pkl', Value({'var1':1, 'var2':2}))
env.Cheetah('output.txt', 'input.tmpl', PICKLE=pickle)