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Cournapeau David

I am a French PhD student at Kyoto University, in speech processing. I use scons for most of my own software projects.

Using bzr with scons svn repository

See here: UsingBzr

Contribution to scons

Better autoconf-like capabilities

Scons is one obvious candidate to replace autotools. Unfortunately, for projects which care about portability, scons is really behind autotools to get capabilities of the platform. I am adding more code to scons to handle those: CheckTypeSize to check the size of a C/C++ type, CheckDeclaration to check whether a pre-processor symbol is defined, and Define, to define new declarations (useful for custom checks). I intend to add more tests in the AutoconfRecipes list.

Python Extension Support

It would be nice to build python extensions with scons, without the need to use distutils. I am working on this in the pyext branch:


Fortran support

For numscons, I needed a better fortran support. I have cleaned up and updated the fortran support of scons (is in scons since 0.98.0.

It is sometimes necessary to control link in a really fine grained manner, because many options are order dependant (think -Bstatic/-Bshared, linked libraries, etc...). Currently, scons makes it difficult to control this without rewriting LINKCOM. I started working on it, and the ideas can be found there in FlexibleLinkCom


I am working on integrating scons within distutils, to circumvent distutils deficiencies when building C/Fortran/C++ code, the project is called numscons, and is intended to replace the current build system for numpy and scipy. numscons developement happens on launchapd: