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SCons / CreateSoftLink

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This page explains how to correctly create symbolic links.

Creating symbolic links is required when you create a shared library. You'll need to set up a link from the soname to the real name.

Assume the files in your project are

  • some_code.c
  • sconstruct
  • backend/some_code.c
  • backend/sconstruct Assume somehow you have built backend/ Then you wish to create two soft links in directory backend, named pointing to, and pointing to For some reason (e.g., different compiling option between the folders), you use sconstruct and backend\sconstruct separately to compile different folders.

Here is a solution.

In sconstruct:

  • env.SConscript('backend/sconstruct') In backend/sconstruct:

  • env.Command('', '', 'ln -s ${SOURCE.file} $TARGET')

  • env.Command('', '', 'ln -s ${SOURCE.file} $TARGET')