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Tweak the Spreadsheet

  • Click on the column header for the last (empty) column (usually column H).
  • From the "Delete" menu, select "Delete column".
  • Click and sweep out all the remaining column headers (usually A to G).
  • From the "Format" menu, choose "Plain text".
  • From the "Align" menu, choose "top".
  • Click on the column header for the "Pri" column (usually column E).
  • From the "Align" menu, choose "center" (not "middle").
  • Click and sweep out the first two column headers.
  • From the "Align" menu, choose "right".
  • Select the row header for the first row.
  • Select "Bold" from the menu bar.
  • Grab the header marker (just above the "1" for the first row; do <ins>NOT</ins> grab the bar anywhere else or you will be uploading this spreadsheet again) and move it between the "1" and "2".
  • Click on any cell (i.e., anywhere so that neither a complete row or column is selected)
  • The lines between the column headers are selectable; with care you can grab them and change the width of the columns. ID, Votes, and Pri should be as tight as you dare make them; leave a reasonable space for the others and make the last column as wide as you have space.