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Checklist for Google Summer of Code 2008

  • <del>Revamp the proposal description to emphasize process and be less intimidating.</del> [2007-Apr-22: a draft is available for comment - JGN] [2008-Mar-04: final draft published - JGN]
  • <del>Get [[!bug 1234]] and [[!bug 4321]] links working.</del> [2007-05-30: Fixed by Gary Oberbrunner; see [[!bug 1650]] - JGN]
  • Identify more mentors
  • Recruitment should be on-going throughout the year.
  • There should be a specific campaign in January or February.
  • Harass Greg to write a mentors' how-to for SCons. [2007-04-20: Started work - JGN]
  • Get ideas written up sooner and figure out how to write better task suggestions.
  • Mine for ideas wherever we can:
  • Monitor mailing lists and capture suitable ideas.
  • Ideas from last year.
  • Requests for enhancements and new features in the issues database.
  • Defects (bugs) in the issues database.
  • Advertisements on scons-dev and especially on scons-users mailing lists.
  • Advertisements on scons.org and scons.tigris.org web pages.
  • Projects/companies that use SCons.
  • Where else? Update this checklist if other sources are found so that we won't forget them in future.
  • Be prepared for Google's announcement:
  • Have the web pages done before the application period so Google can audit them.
  • Get our application in to Google immediately, so they have plenty of time to look us over and confirm that we are a viable candidate.
  • Advertise our participation to drum up more submissions. We will be listed on Google's own heavily-advertised web pages, but there are plenty of other places:
  • Mailing lists (scons-users primarily, but also scons-dev).
  • Google-summer-of-code-discuss mailing list.
  • www.scons.org and scons.tigris.org web pages.
  • Related third-party sources:
    • tigris.org
    • python.org (they mention Python-powered projects in their own SoC pages)
    • sourceforge.net (although that's a tenuous connection)
    • Projects/companies that use SCons, both web pages and mailing lists.
  • Where else? Update this checklist if other sources are found so that we won't forget them in future.