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GSoC 2009: SCons on Windows - Task List

Test systems

  • Set up virtual machines to run tests on
    • <del>Windows XP, Python 1.5.2 (oldest supported version)</del>
    • <del>Windows XP, Python 2.1 (oldest supported version for python2-scons, according to</del>
    • <del>Windows XP, Python 2.6.2 (current release of Python 2)</del>
    • <del>Windows XP, Python 3.0.1 (current release of Python 3)</del>
    • <del>Windows XP, ActiveState ActivePython 2.6.2 (current release of ActivePython 2, to see if there are any differences between this version and's Python)</del>
    • <del>Windows Vista, restricted user (to test local installations)</del>
    • <del>Windows Vista, admin (to test global installations)</del>
    • <del>Windows XP, admin (to test global installations on a system without UAC)</del>

Stand-alone executable

  • <del>Research available tools to convert python programs to stand-alone entities</del>
  • <del>Select one of these tools</del>
    • <del>Is cross-building (build Windows .exe on Linux) available?</del>
    • <del>Is it wine-compatible?</del>
    • <del>How does it deal with Tcl/Tk/TkInter?</del>
    • cx_Freeze was chosen
  • <del>Document the alternatives, the choice, and why it was made</del>
  • <del>Manually create a stand-alone SCons</del>
    • <del>Generate input files for the converter</del>
  • <del>Document the method to produce the input file(s)</del>
    • No real input file, just a stripped-down
  • <del>Run the end-to-end tests using that manually created SCons</del>
  • <del>Integrate the stand-alone exe creation into the build script</del>
    • <del>Converter input files</del>
    • <del>Actually building the exe</del>
    • <del>Write a Builder?</del>
    • Building the executables is a simple distutils command
  • <del>Document necessary changes/additions</del>
    • The relevant code in the SConstruct file starts around line 1200
  • <del>Research building on Linux</del>
    • <del>Cross-building via one of the tools mentioned above?</del>
    • <del>Use Wine?</del>
    • cx_Freeze via Wine
  • Document the requirements for building on Linux

Better installer

  • Features:
    1. Select features to install 1. <del>SCons stand-alone</del> 1. <del>SCons engine (into Python's site-packages)</del> Uses the standard Python installer 1. <del>Documentation</del> 1. <del>Frontend</del> 1. <del>Add SCons to the path</del> 1. <del>Set the $SCONS environment variable</del> 1. <del>Integrate the frontend into Explorer's context menus</del>
    2. <del>Works correctly with UAC</del>
    3. <del>Detects insufficient write privileges</del>
    4. <del>Uninstaller</del>
    5. <del>Localized user interface</del>
  • <del>Research installer creation tools</del>
  • <del>Select one of those tools</del>
    • <del>Cross-build capability?</del>
    • <del>Support for extensions/scripts?</del>
    • NSIS was chosen since it is the only option available on Linux
  • <del>Document the alternatives, the choice, and why it was made</del>
  • <del>Manually build an installer, containing features 1.1, 1.5, 1.6, 2, 3, 4</del>
  • <del>Document the method</del>
  • <del>Create/update a Builder for the selected installer tool</del>
    • Updated NSIS builder from the wiki
  • <del>Integrate installer creation into the build script</del>
  • Document necessary changes/additions
  • <del>Convert the manual to .chm</del> This feature has been dropped
  • <del>Create/update a .chm Builder</del> This feature has been dropped
  • <del>Document necessary changes/additions</del>
  • <del>Integrate the manual into the installer</del>
  • <del>Perform test installs (Tools: FileMon, RegMon, Process Monitor)</del>
  • Document the expected actions of the installer

GUI Front-end

  • Research different ways to test TkInter programs when no display is available
    • xvfb?
    • Mock version of TkInter?
    • Test cases that have to be executed by human testers?
  • Create a test application that changes a text label when a button is clicked
  • Set up the testing infrastructure for that application
  • Document the testing methods
  • <del>Create the first version of the front-end</del>
    • <del>Text box to specify a working directory for SCons</del>
    • <del>Text box to specify command line arguments for SCons</del>
    • <del>An output window that captures all output by SCons</del>
  • Create tests for this version
    • Window creation testing is in place, headless testing is still missing
  • <del>Build a stand-alone application</del>
  • <del>Integrate the front-end into the Windows Explorer as a context menu entry for directories</del>
  • <del>Add the basic front-end to the installer</del>
  • Extend the front-end
    • <del>Add a way to specify name-value pairs on the command line</del>
    • <del>Bi-directional transfer between the command line string and user interface elements</del> Has been changed to "option selection -> command line string"
    • <del>Add a way to access SCons command line options</del>
    • If possible, integrate the user manual to provide context help
    • If time permits, add a module that parses SConstruct files and lets the user select targets to be built