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MexBuilder runs Matlab's mex tool to create Matlab extensions.


env = Environment(tools=['default', 'mex'])
mex_ext = env['MEX_EXT']
env.MEX('mytabwrite'+'.'+mex_ext, '')

The code

#  Matlab extension builder
# Joe VanAndel,, 2010/1/15

import os
import re
import SCons
from SCons.Builder import Builder
from SCons.Action import Action
from subprocess import Popen,PIPE

_options = None

def findMex(env):
    global _options
    if not _options:
        _options = env.GlobalVariables()
                     'Path to mex, or else "mex" if unset.')


    # Short circuit the test if MEX_PATH is already set in the
    # run environment.
    if env.get('MEX_PATH'):
        return env['MEX_PATH']
    extra_paths = [ '/usr/bin' ]
    if env.has_key('OPT_PREFIX'):
        extra_paths.append("%s/bin" % env['OPT_PREFIX'])
    opts = ['el4','el3','ws3','fc4','fc3','fc2']
    extra_paths.extend([ "/net/opt_lnx/local_%s/bin" % o for o in opts])
    return env.WhereIs('mex', extra_paths)

def getMexPath(env):
    mex = findMex(env)
    if not mex:
        mex = "mex"
    return mex

def generate(env):
    bld = Builder(action = 'mex $SOURCE -o $TARGET')
    env['BUILDERS']['MEX'] = bld

    cmd = ['matlab', '-nodisplay', '-nojvm' ]
    # invoke matlab
    p1 = Popen(cmd,stdin=PIPE,stdout=PIPE)
    os.write(p1.stdin.fileno(), "mexext\n")
    os.write(p1.stdin.fileno(), "quit\n")
    # invoke grep to retrieve the extension
    p2 = Popen(['grep', 'mex'], stdin=p1.stdout, stdout=PIPE)

    env['MEX_EXT']  = p2.communicate()[0][:-1]

def exists(env):
    if not findMex(env):
        SCons.Warnings.warn(ValgrindWarning, "Could not find mex program.")
        return False
    return True