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SCons / ReStructuredTextBuilder

SCons Tool for reStructuredText

Provides a SCons Tool that allows SConstruct scripts to build HTML and LaTeX files from reStructuredText sources.

Mainline Repository and Release Tarball

The project page for this tool is on Bitbucket https://bitbucket.org/dirkbaechle/scons_rest. There you can find more infos about how to get the sources or download a release tarball, but it is recommended to use Mercurial to branch the mainline branch -- a form of continuous release.

Detailed instructions about installing and using the Tool can be found in its manual

manual.pdf manual.html

, or on the page of external SCons Tools, the so-called ToolsIndex.

The first version

import SCons.Builder


of this Tool by JDMarble (2009-02-13) has been removed, such that people are no longer encouraged to use it. It is still available as revision #0 in the Bitbucket repository.