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Prepare a blurb by starting with a copy of src/Announce.txt. Edit the file and follow these guidelines:

  • If the "scheduled for the next release" section has no content, cut it.
  • Keep the first "changes since release" section (which should be since the last production release).
  • Cut all of the subsequent "changes since release" sections.
  • Leave the copyright notice at the bottom. In general, use your own judgment as to what to keep and what to cut.

Post Blurb on Fresh``Meat

HOW? If you know how to do this, UPDATE THIS INFORMATION.

Send Blurb to Other Interested Parties

  • Debian maintainer?
  • Fedora maintainer?
  • Ubuntu maintainer?
  • Red``Hat maintainer? OTHERS? Are there other individuals we should notify? Or other mailing lists? If you know of any, UPDATE THIS INFORMATION.

See and for candidates to be contacted.