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Update the Web Site

Apply changes to web site

Commit the changes you prepared above:

  $ svn commit -m"Changes to publish the SCons $VERSION release"

Now you have to go update the site:

  $ ssh -l scons
  $ cd public_html
  $ cp -al production new  # hard-link the whole tree; fast.
  $ (cd new && svn up)     # should be fast here too
  $ rm -rf previous
  $ mv production previous && mv new production
  $ exit

Now point your browser to the SCons home page. If anything is amiss, fix it, commit the necessary changes, and update the site.

Test downloading

  • Navigate to the SCons download page.
  • Verify that the opening paragraph makes sense.
  • In the right-hand sidebar, find the download section corresponding to $VERSION.
  • For each file in the section, click on the link to download it.
  • Verify that the files arrived and look reasonable.