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SCons Build Environment for LaTeX Theses

It is hard enough to write a thesis. And whoever has done some work using larger documents knows that it is well worth investing some effort into structure. This thesis skeleton tries to help in adding structure without adding a significant work overhead.

  • structured directory hierarchy
  • figures for the document go into separate directories for the different chapter LaTeX sources
  • build automation using SCons
  • automatic generation of dependent/needed image files:
    • generation of pdflatex compatible output file formats from EPS figures
    • generation of latex compatible output file format from PDF/PNG/JPG figures
    • generation of EPS and PDF output from GNUplot input files
    • automatically finds image files for individual chapters to process
  • choice of DVI or PDF build target: scons or scons dvi
  • "Easy as" cleaning of build junk: scons -c (or scons -c dvi) For ease of maintainability go to the main documentation of this skeleton on Guy's wiki:

A bit more on the background has been blogged about here with further updates to the whole matter here.