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I have 3 groups of files, all reside in the same directory:


and then I have

I want to compile

  • group1 with "-g"
  • group2 same as group1 and in addition with "-Wall"
  • group3 same as group2 and in addition with "-fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage"

My Sconstruct looks like this:

flags = '-g'
fsharp = flags + ' -Wall'
fprof  = fsharp + ' -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage'

base = Environment(CCFLAGS = flags)
sharp = base.Clone(CCFLAGS = fsharp)
prof  = sharp.Clone(CCFLAGS = fprof)

prfList = Split("""

myList = Split("""

list = Split("""

prof.Library('my1', prfList)
sharp.Library('my2', myList)
base.Library('my3', list)

# this does NOT work ...???

sharp.Program('', LIBS=['my1','my2','my3','my1','my2','my3'], LIBPATH='.') 

Because I can't build a library from libraries, I have to specify my sublibraries twice, since there are dependencies between them. Does anybody know a better way to achieve this ...???