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This page contains links to some talks about SCons that have been given in the past.

Videos - "SCons", Steven Knight, FOSDEM 2008 (English) - "Parts and SCons" (within Saturday Lightning Talks), Jason Kenny, PyCon US 2013 (English) - "SCons - Software bauen in Python", Dirk Baechle, PyCon.DE 2013 (German), the slides are available too - "Why SCons is not slow", Dirk Baechle, PyCon.Fr 2014 (English), the slides are available too

Presentations - "SCons: an introduction", Dean Giberson, 2008 (English) - "Pipelines, SCons and 'SOCOM: Confrontation", Slant Six Games, 2008 (English) - "Introduction to SCons", Steve Christensen, 2012 (English)

Other - "Empirical Comparison of SCons and GNU Make", Ludwig Haehne, 2008 (English)