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Jan Borsodi  committed 773ae19

Added a tox file, copy to tox.ini to use it.

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+envlist = py27
+commands = 
+    rm -rf {envdir}/scope-services
+    hg clone https://bitbucket.org/scope/scope-services {envdir}/scope-services
+    rm -rf {envdir}/js-out
+    {envbindir}/hob --project {envdir}/scope-services js --test-framework --out-dir {envdir}/js-out
+    rm -rf {envdir}/rst-doc
+    {envbindir}/hob --project {envdir}/scope-services rst-doc --out-dir {envdir}/rst-doc
+    rm -rf {envdir}/proto
+    {envbindir}/hob --project {envdir}/scope-services rst-doc --out-dir {envdir}/proto
+    {envbindir}/hob --project {envdir}/scope-services proto --out-file {envdir}/proto-files1.txt
+    {envbindir}/hob --project {envdir}/scope-services proto
+    rm -rf {envdir}/xml
+    {envbindir}/hob --project {envdir}/scope-services xml --out-dir {envdir}/xml
+    {envbindir}/hob --project {envdir}/scope-services xml --out-file {envdir}/xml-out1.xml
+    {envbindir}/hob --project {envdir}/scope-services xml