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Fixes for correct setup of the package

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-Pycparser 2: the idea is to "mostly" support C99
-V- long long: including literal endings LL in lexer
-V- new keywords restrict, inline
-V- mix declarations and statements inside a block
-V- VLAs (non-constants in arr[n]), including [*] for parameter lists
-V- declarations in the first expression of "for" loops
-V- named initializers for structs and arrays
-  V- including unnamed objects 
-* Make the changelog in the readme a normal bullet list
 Fixes since last:
 --------------,, README.txt
+- Tag in hg
 Build docs and distribution

File pycparser/

 ast_gen = ASTCodeGenerator('_c_ast.yaml')
 ast_gen.generate(open('', 'w'))
-import c_parser
+from pycparser import c_parser
 # Generates the tables
     platforms='Cross Platform',
+    package_data={'pycparser': ['*.yaml']},