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Dilbert Tools

Copyright (c) 2008-2016 Scott Zeid

Download Dilbert strips and maintain a private Dilbert collection.

dilbert-tools consists of two Python command-line scripts:

  • fetch-dilbert downloads individual Dilbert comic strips and their metadata.
  • update-dilbert helps you maintain a private Dilbert collection.


These scripts are automated scripts that will scrape various pages from dilbert.com. This is a violation of their terms of use. Your use of these scripts is at your own risk. By downloading or using these scripts, you agree to not hold me liable for any action taken against you due to your use or download of them.


  • Python 2.7
  • Pillow
  • BeautifulSoup 4
  • lxml
  • PyYAML

To install the requirements on Fedora:

sudo dnf install python python-pillow python-lxml PyYAML python-pip
sudo pip install -U beautifulsoup4

To install the requirements on Ubuntu and other Debian-based distros:

sudo apt-get install python python-pillow python-lxml python-yaml python-pip
sudo pip install -U beautifulsoup4

To install the requirements on other platforms, with Python 2.7 and pip already installed:

pip install -U Pillow lxml beautifulsoup4 PyYAML


This script downloads Dilbert strips for a given day or days, or a whole year at a time. It will also save the strips' titles, tags, and transcripts to YAML files.

Each YAML file will be named YYYY-MM-DD.yml and will have the keys date, title, tags, and transcript. If there is no title or transcript for the strip, then the respective key's value will be null.


Syntax: fetch-dilbert [options] [--output-dir|-o <path>]

The script takes two arguments. One tells it which strip(s) to download, and the other tells it where to put them.

A date or range of dates must be given on the command line using one of the following arguments:

  • --date=DATE1[,DATE2[,...]] or --dates=DATE1[,DATE2[,...]] or -d DATE1[,DATE2[,...]] Download one or more strips. Each DATE can be either in YYYY-MM-DD format (e.g. 2008-06-24) or the word today (which tells it to download today's strip).
  • --year=YEAR or -y YEAR Downloads all strips for the year YEAR.

The other argument is optional, and it is the folder where you want the strip(s) to be saved.


  • fetch-dilbert --dates=today,2008-06-23 Downloads today's strip and the one from June 23, 2008, and saves them to the current working directory.
  • fetch-dilbert --date=2008-04-15 -o Comics/Dilbert/2008 Downloads the strip from April 15, 2008, and saves it to the folder Comics/Dilbert/2008 within the current directory.
  • fetch-dilbert --year=1997 -o Comics/Dilbert/1997 Downloads the strips from the year 1997 and saves them to the folder Comics/Dilbert/1997 within the current directory.


This script helps you maintain a collection of Dilbert strips. It will download all strips that have been published during the current year that you don't already have. Run daily after midnight Pacific time for best results.


Syntax: update-dilbert [--help|-h] [-v|--verbose] [-p|--path <path>] [-m|--metadata-only]

Run update-dilbert -p <path>, where <path> is where you keep your Dilbert strips, and it will do the dirty work for you. If the -p argument is omitted, it will use the current directory. <path> should contain directories whose names are year numbers. Year subdirectories will be created if necessary.

Building dilbert-tools

To build dilbert-tools, run make from the root of the repository in a Unix-like environment with the below dependencies installed.

To make the distribution zip files, run make dist. Windows EXE files must be created manually, and the Windows zip file will be created only if EXE files for both scripts exist in dist/<version-number>. The official EXEs are created with PyInstaller and this mkexe script, but similar freezing utilities are fine as well.

Build dependencies

  • Unix-like environment (e.g. Linux, Cygwin, Windows Subsystem for Linux, O$ X, ...)
  • GNU make
  • zip
  • setuptools