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Egotags won't compile with recent Go compiler.

Anonymous created an issue

s$ 6g egotags.go egotags.go:52: cannot use 0 (type int) as type *ast.Scope in function argument egotags.go:52: not enough arguments to function call egotags.go:54: undefined: panicln egotags.go:56: undefined: vector.NewStringVector egotags.go:74: illegal NUL byte egotags.go:79: cannot use currFileTags.Pop() as type interface { } in function argument egotags.go:85: function ends without a return statement egotags.go:93: undefined: panicln egotags.go:97: undefined: vector.NewStringVector egotags.go:135: name.Value undefined (type ast.Ident has no field Value) egotags.go:135: too many errors

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