When save canvases with SVG it got errors

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Issue #1 resolved
Alexander Gheorghiu repo owner created an issue

Whenever I have/add figures with SVG inside (not PNG/JPG) upon saving I got errors {{{ Security error [Break On This Error]

var dataURL = canvas.toDataURL();

}}} I added test code into /test/canvas2png folder.

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What I observed: If I use JPG as image sources everything is fine but with SVG is not. As embedded server does not support mime type I created a "svg.php" script to fix that but the problem persist for SVG images

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  1. Alexander Gheorghiu reporter

    Note to myself: Why on my laptop the network package does not properly display?

  2. Alexander Gheorghiu reporter

    basically any figure that contains an image (declared as SVG) inside gives errors on save

  3. Artyom Pokatilov

    Uncommented LOC 19 and commented LOC 20, saved and opened: image with arc (arcs.svg). Worked on Chrome/FF/Opera/Safari OS: Win7. data (6).png

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