Note: Latest version of Floodlight now has support for OpenFlow 1.3 using Loxigen. We recommend you use that instead of Floodlight-plus for building new applications.


This is a version of the
Floodlight controller with
support for OpenFlow 1.3 based on JOpenFlow. The original code from Big Switch was forked
off and updated. This repository is a work in progress. The current code base is functional for the available applications / modules like topology visualization, virtual networking, static flow pushers, firewall, and loadbalancer.

Release notes

  • Dependency on JOpenFlow: This code depends on the
    JOpenFlow repository also
    maintained by SDN Hub. However, there are slight differences with
    OFError and OFExperimenter. All "Experimenter" keyword is replaced with
    "Vendor" in this repository.

  • Only works with OpenFlow 1.3 switches: As of now, the
    Floodlight-plus controller does not work with OF1.0 and OF1.3 switches
    at the same time.

  • Support for some features still under works: Although JOpenFlow
    suppotrs multiple tables, meters, groups and IPv6, the Floodlight
    implementation does not use them to its advantage.

  • Unit tests still under development: The unit tests in the src/tests
    directory are still under development and will be updated soon.


This code base is maintained by SDN Hub. The author
is Srini Seetharaman (

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