### Note: Latest version of [Floodlight]( now has support for OpenFlow 1.3 using Loxigen. We recommend you use that instead of Floodlight-plus for building new applications. # Overview This is a version of the [Floodlight]( controller with support for OpenFlow 1.3 based on JOpenFlow. The original code from Big Switch was forked off and updated. This repository is a work in progress. The current code base is functional for the available applications / modules like topology visualization, virtual networking, static flow pushers, firewall, and loadbalancer. # Release notes * **Dependency on JOpenFlow**: This code depends on the [JOpenFlow]( repository also maintained by SDN Hub. However, there are slight differences with OFError and OFExperimenter. All "Experimenter" keyword is replaced with "Vendor" in this repository. * **Only works with OpenFlow 1.3 switches**: As of now, the Floodlight-plus controller does not work with OF1.0 and OF1.3 switches at the same time. * **Support for some features still under works**: Although JOpenFlow suppotrs multiple tables, meters, groups and IPv6, the Floodlight implementation does not use them to its advantage. * **Unit tests still under development**: The unit tests in the src/tests directory are still under development and will be updated soon. # Maintainers This code base is maintained by [SDN Hub]( The author is Srini Seetharaman ( # Support/discussion forum (