Sebastian Sdorra avatar Sebastian Sdorra committed 3f31b2a

grant owner permissions to each repository for admins

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 import sonia.scm.repository.Permission;
+import sonia.scm.repository.PermissionType;
 import sonia.scm.repository.Repository;
 import sonia.scm.repository.RepositoryDAO;
 import sonia.scm.repository.RepositoryListener;
   private AuthorizationInfo createAuthorizationInfo(User user, Groups groups)
     Set<String> roles = Sets.newHashSet();
+    List<org.apache.shiro.authz.Permission> permissions = null;
+      permissions = Lists.newArrayList();
+      permissions.add(new RepositoryPermission("*", PermissionType.OWNER));
+    }
+    else
+    {
+      permissions = collectRepositoryPermissions(user, roles);
     SimpleAuthorizationInfo info = new SimpleAuthorizationInfo(roles);
-    info.addObjectPermissions(collectRepositoryPermissions(user,
-      groups.getGroups()));
+    info.addObjectPermissions(permissions);
     return info;
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