branchwp plugin can not use on git

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It shows TRACE sonia.scm.branchwp.BranchWPPreReceiveRepositoryHook - git changeset ae486c5f0213b1e59fcb is no repository head and has no branch informations

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  1. Ivan Lam

    Ok. My git repository is build in scm-manager. I install the plugin today. I grant only master to someone(AA) and no other branches. AA push the branch and shows that information in console. I had set the log level to TRACE.

  2. Ivan Lam

    I had tried to write a plugin for owner that can push master branch. I meet the same problem. I have no idea why repository.getBranches() is empty.

  3. Sebastian Sdorra

    Ok, i could reproduce the problem. If you push multiple changesets to multiple branches (with --all), then the branch information is available. But if you are doing a push for only one branch the information is missing. This is not a problem of the plugin, this is an issue in scm-manager. I will try to fix this.

  4. Ivan Lam

    I think my plugin is more easy to use. My plugin just set enable or not. If set enable and owner can push master. Others can not push master but branch can. Can I put my plugin to dcm-manager?

  5. Sebastian Sdorra

    Had you time to test the branchwp plugin with the scm-webapp-2012082901.war version?

    The plugin center is not really open at the moment. Other developers could develop plugin for scm-manager, but i'm the only one who can publish plugins to the plugin center. This is for security reasons. Your plugin must be accessible through a public repository, because i've to look at your code and to check if the code is safe to use.

    You could create a public repository at bitbucket, it is very easy and it is free. Have a look at

  6. Ivan Lam

    I had test your branchwp plugin and my plugin, both of them are work in you war version. I hope to create a repository at Github. Is that ok?

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