Issue #30 resolved

Can't push in a git repository with public visibility

krazybug avatarkrazybug created an issue

With Egit, you can't push to a repository if the repository is "public" ("Public" field checked ine the repo settings)

It's as the repo considered only anonymous access although some write permissions are defined.

The scm-manager's console displays the following message: sonia.scm.web.filter.PermissionFilter - user anonymous has not enough permissions

Note also another little orthography mistake in an INFO message (trailing "t"in repostitory): sonia.scm.web.filter.PermissionFilter - write access to repostitory test for user anonymous denied

Comments (10)

  1. Sebastian Sdorra

    The only idea I have to work around this problem, create a second private URL for write access.

    • /git/reponame - public access
    • /private/git/reponame - only with authentication, private access
  2. krazybug

    No problem. If you think it's an egit issue, i can open a bug report on their bugzilla. (Maybe i may ask you to give some details hereafter. Let me know)

    Also, it's not a critical issue.

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