Install package button breaks scm-manager

Patrick Turcotte avatarPatrick Turcotte created an issue

Problems encountered when installing my plugin via the "Install Package" button.

1) If other plugins are install, this new installation may break previously installed plugins. (the plugins/classpath.xml file will remove some jars)

2) If installation doesn't break, when later installing an existing plugin, it will remove my previous plugin from the classpath.xml file.

The problem exists in the standalone and .war version.

Looks like different mechanisms are used to upload the classpath file, and one breaks the other.

Plugin used (if installed without other plugin, or with fixed classpath files, works as expected).

May be related to issues #306 and #386

To reproduce: 1) start with a fresh install and start 2) git init the ~/.scm folder 3) install a plugin from the list and restart 4) git commit -a the ~/.scm folder 5) then install the uploaded plugin (could still work) 6) git commit -a the ~/.scm folder 7) restart 8) git status to see change git commit 9) and then install a third plugin from the list. 10) git status to see removed path from the classpath.xml file.

Comments (8)

  1. Patrick Turcotte

    The proposed version fixes the problem, the classpath.xml is not broken when you mix "internal/html" plugins and external one (from the install button).

    But with proposed version, the scm-ssh-plugin does not work. It shows in the list, but does nothing.

    So, technically, you fixed the problem. Great job.

    But I'm still stuck with no scm-ssh-plugin.

  2. Patrick Turcotte

    Tried to repackage the plugin (using scmp:package) staying with 1.22 version of scm-manager with version 1.30 of scm-manager

    End result, plugins shows up in list, but does nothing (doesn't add items on left menu) to either configure it or upload ssh key.

  3. Sebastian Sdorra

    I've installed the ssh plugin to the version from the post above and the plugin works fine. Do you have reload the page after the plugin installation? In some cases the browser caches an older version of the plugin script, so you might have to clear your browser cache. Did you see any error on the javascript console of your browser?

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