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user has no group attributes assigned

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I've just installed SCM manager with LDAP authenthication Plugin.

The authenticathion work well except for "group attribute"

Here the plug in config:

  • ID Attribute Name: samaccountname
  • Fullname Attribute Name: cn
  • Mail Attribute Name: mail
  • Group Attribute Name: memberOf
  • Base DN: ,Connection DN: , Connection Password: ,Host URL: #
  • Search Filter: (&(SAMAccountName={0}))
  • Search Scope: one
  • People Unit: OU=Dev,OU=Users
  • Groups Unit: OU=Groups
  • Enabled: Yes

I can log with any user in dev team but, Groups don't show up in SCM Interface

My users memberof attribute has the following value:

  • memberof: cn=SCM_TEST_GROUP,OU=Groups,DC=Mydomain,DC=COM; cn=Some_OTHER_GROUP,OU=Groups,DC=....

And i have also en info in log files when in log-in: INFO sonia.scm.auth.ldap.LDAPAuthenticationHandler - user has no group attributes assigned

Any idea why my LDAP group are not in SCM manager?

Thanks Jérémie

PS: plugin LDAP v1.4, SCM manager v1.6

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  1. Sebastian Sdorra
    • changed status to open

    Do you use anonymous bind (no connection dn and no connection password)? I don't know if the anonymous user is able to read the memberOf attribute. Perhaps the plugin should read the user attributes after login with the context of the user. I will think about that.

  2. jbecousse


    I've created an account fo bitbucket.

    No i don't use anonymous bind for LDAP connection,

    I've tried with an admin account for bind DN and it's the same problem. So i don't think the problem is about user's rights.


  3. Sebastian Sdorra

    Hi, I will setup an Active-Directory and test this issue. But you could use version 1.5 of the ldap-plugin, with this version you can configure the group search without the use the "group attribute".

  4. jbecousse


    I have set-up the 1.5 version of LDAP plugin.

    One question, How can i had a LDAP group to SCM interface?

    When i click on "Add" button, i can only create XML group.

    Both for users and groups it could be cool to specify the type (XML/LDAP) when you add it. Maybe with a verification button to ckeck if the user/group realy exist in LDAP?


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