Only first sub-repository is displayed in web-ui

Issue #1007 new
Chris Holman created an issue

when browsing the source of a git repo folder which has multiple sub-repos, only one is displayed.

It looks like the returned json uses an embedded object called subrepository: {"description":null,"directory":true,"lastModified":null,"length":0,"name":"","path":"roles","subrepository":{"revision":null,"repository-url":""}}

the fields used in: scm-manager:\scm-webapp\src\main\webapp\resources\js\repository\sonia.repository.repositorybrowser.js

variable browserStore doesn't declare a suitable model to support this embedded object: fields: ['path', 'name', 'length', 'lastModified', 'directory', 'description', 'subrepository']

This is just a visual problem.

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