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Romain Gouyet created an issue

I deployed scm-manager via the docker image and I import my 400+ repositories (most mercurial, few svn). It works great but I already have 2 issues concerning the memory usage. The first time the scm-manager container didn't have memory limit and it crashes all my docker stack... The second time, I set up and memory limit to 6 Go, but scm-manager reach this limit and i needed to restart the container. Right now, i set a limit to 10 Go. It started it 35 hours ago. The memory usage increases to 7Go right now. I never see it decreasing. I think in a few hours, i will need to restart the container... On my previous host with the same repositories, it was using 4 Go. How to know what is the origin of this memory usage ? Is there some tuning to do ?

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